A Faith Journey Profile for Black History Month: Althea Session-Lovett

At Nyack College, we’re observing Black History Month 2018 by presenting a series of short profiles written by members of our faculty and staff. The features pay homage to an African American individual who inspired and encouraged their faith journey. These personal experiences are illustrations that affirm the widely adopted practice of mentoring in our campus community. These are our four February features.

Name a person who had a significant influence on your faith journey.

My aunt, Lucile Holt.

Share how this individual helped shape your life as a Christian.

Lucile Holt, my mother’s sister and our maternal matriarch for many years, was devoted to the Lord, her family, her church and her community. She was a member and deaconess at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Nyack, NY and she was also a gospel singer. An educator, who retired after 37 years of teaching special education, she served as president of the Rockland Negro Scholarship Fund, Inc. for sixteen years. My aunt was also a trustee for the Finkelstein Memorial Library, located in Spring Valley, NY. She was a member of the Hillcrest Civic Association and the Spring Valley NAACP.

Aunt Lucile was loved by all who knew her and had the sweetest way of shining the light of correction and encouragement when needed.

Her faith in the Lord and His plans always amazed me, especially before I received the gift of salvation at age 42. She modeled the virtuous woman I personally wanted to emulate. When I began my walk with the Lord, she was the first family member to recognize that my conversion was real and encouraged me in so many ways.

Although she was a devoted Christian woman and loved the Lord her entire life, her relationship with the Lord became even deeper as she came along side me in my early years as a Christian. We often attended Bible studies together and grew so much closer to each other as we both grew closer to Christ. Since my mother’s passing in 1991, I can truly say that as much as my aunt filled the maternal void, she was even more so my very, very wise friend.

Lucile Holt’s life modeled the love recorded in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a. Her legacy lives on!

Althea Session-Lovett
Student Loan Officer