“A.B.” A New Book by Rev. David Jones (NC ’64)

Nyack College 1964 alumnus Rev. David P. Jones has followed up his 2018 book, Roots and Branches: A History of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Brazil, with a biography of Nyack founder entitled, A.B.: The Unlikely Founder of a Global Movement. “A.B.”  A New Book by Rev. David Jones (NC ’64)

Jacket copy promoting the book declares, “If Christian and Missionary Alliance founder Albert Benjamin (A.B.) Simpson were alive today and you were to commend him for starting a movement intent on taking all of Jesus to all the world, he would likely respond, ‘You’ve got the wrong guy. That wasn’t me. That was Christ in me!’”

A.B. will be available for sale at The Christian and Missionary Alliance General Council, May 28-June 2, 2019 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel in Florida. If you plan to attend Council, Rev. Jones will signing copies of A.B. on Wednesday, May 29 immediately following the evening service in the Merchandise Booth.