7 Prime Study Spots for Finals Weeks

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetI hate to say this, but finals is slowly creeping towards us with no avail. If you’re ever at the Rockland Campus, the frenzy has begun. Packed study areas, limited sanity, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

I love to study, but I have found it hard to continue the routine in a monotonous setting. One can only take so much of sitting in the library all semester! So I’ve compiled a list for all you faithful study-ers out there who need a change of scenery in the midst of this crazy time.

1. Panera – Right behind the Palisades Mall there is a Panera, serving you the most reliable, tasty, and healthy food options with good seating, wifi, and even outdoor tables! I recently spent the afternoon there with my friend and it was so nice to grab lunch outside first, then hunker down in their cozy booth seats to do homework.

nyack lib2. Nyack Public Library – If you haven’t spent time here yet, you are missing out! Originally erected in 1879 and funded by legendary steel industry powerhouse, Andrew Carnegie, this beautifully historic building is open to the public providing incredible work space for students. Whether you want to sit in the front part of the building and enjoy the giant fireplaces and beautiful wood work, or hide away in a corner within the modern addition, the choice is up to you! If you have any questions or need assistance, the librarians are more than happy to help you.

3. West Nyack Free Library – this is my little secret of the semester. Located a few miles up Route 59, this library is a good place to hunker down for a day’s work. You’ll be able to interact with locals and also power through heaps of work because of the limited distractions.

4. Art Cafe – this beloved Nyack gem can get you an amazing cup of coffee, some delicious Israeli food, and also a cozy table to get work done. The staff is phenomenal and the environment is comfortable, inviting, and one of a kind.art cafe

5. Starbucks – I don’t care how overrated Starbucks may be for some people, it is the most reliable place I can go to get work done — especially if they have their fireplace on! My favorite set-up, Caramel Flat White, window seat, and the “Afternoon Groove” Spotify playlist vibing through my ears. I know of two locations, one in downtown Nyack and more locations a short car ride away.

6. Dunkin Donuts – I’ve gone to this location so many times that the midnight shift employees know me and my friends (sometimes we can even finagle free food or donuts out of them). This place is open 24/7, so it’s usually the number one choice for those desperate all-nighters

SOE button7. The Hub! – this is the latest addition to the Nyack campus. Coined the “Yack Shack,” a few students have volunteered to run the cafe from 6PM until 1AM every night until the end of the semester. This is a desperate need for students, seeing as there are limited places for students to hang out and do homework on campus other than the library. All snacks and drinks are $1 and under!

So grab your friends, pick a location, and make the most of this crazy time before the semester is officially over!