2018 Empower Retreat Attendees From 51 Churches and Seven States

Empower, is a personal development program designed by women for women. Its purpose is to equip, motivate and prepare women for growth in their relationship with God, in ministry and in leadership skills. This two-semester certificate program was established by the Metropolitan District of the C&MA and Alliance Theological Seminary/Nyack College. After completing the program, students earn six credits which can be applied to degree programs at Alliance Theological Seminary or Nyack College.

The program meets monthly at the Rockland campus of Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack gathering multi-generational, multi-ethnic cohorts of women to study in the Empower, Empower Engage and Empower Proclaim study modules.

The Sixth Annual Empower program retreat was held last weekend in Warwick, NY. Program Director Dr. Wanda Walborn shares, “We had a fantastic weekend retreat for Empower with 129 women who came from seven states (California, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania) at the Warwick Conference Center. These students represent 51 churches. We are thrilled with all God is doing through this program in the lives of women, our churches and ministries in this region.”

This record number of participants included 11 students who livestream and nearly a dozen who have returned to complete the personally transforming program. Retreat worship was led by 2007 Nyack College alumna Siobhan Seaman and Madison High School (NJ) student, Abigail Daniels.

As director of the program, Dr. Walborn is supported by a leadership team that includes Darlene Terpstra (Metro District liaison), Lisa Plunket (Empower Proclaim), Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah (Faculty Advisor), Valerie Nash (Alumni Relations), Kim Valenzuela (Livestream/Retreat/Public Relations), Catherine Cha (Mentoring), Becky Daniels (Administration), Cortesia Norman (Finance), Heather Garcia (Edmodo/Assignments), and Stacy Maikkula (Metro District liaison).

Nyack and ATS professors on the teaching faculty for Empower include Dr. Ron Walborn, Dr. Wanda Walborn, Dr. Linda Warren, Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah, Dr. Michael Plunket, Dr. Rob Reimer and Dr. Ingrid Davis. Michelle Park (AGSC ’12) and Sarah Samson (ATS ’11) are  alumnae who serve as course instructors.

“We are excited to host an Open Class day on February 17 at Alliance Theological Seminary, (350 North Highland Avenue in Nyack beginning at 9:00 a.m.), for all interested. Registration for the 2018-2019 year will begin at that time,” adds Dr. Walborn.

Learn more about Empower here.

Photo credit: Kim Valenzuela