Summertime Prayer

Prayer gatherings continue during the summer on Wednesdays at Nyack's Rockland and Manhattan campuses. Facilitators are Director of Admissions (Rockland campus) Dan Bailey (left), and Associate Dean of Students (New York City campus), Charles Hammond (right).

You are… […]

Alumni Highlights

Lauren Lebo, Lacrosse Head Coach

What does “the best of both worlds” look like for Lauren Lebo?

The 2016 summa cum laude graduate left Nyack College with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to pursue her passion for serving. While holding down her role at Blythdale Children's Hospital in Valhalla… […]

Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins

From Dr. Steve Notley in Israel: AJCO Dig Discovery!

Dr. R. Steven Notley, director of Nyack's Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins (AJCO), reported from the archaeological dig in Israel with the following update.  

Monday, July 10, 2017:  Great news! Today we uncovered portions of a mosaic floor from the Roman period. We… […]