10 Things to Do When it Snows in Nyack

The winter has been pretty mild up until this point, but now the snow is hitting hard. When you live at Nyack College, the snow can be your worst nightmare or the greatest day ever. If you want to get somewhere, chances are, you can’t. Because of all the hills, it is nearly impossible to get your car out when it snows. So next snow day, scrap digging your car out and instead enjoy the day off. Here’s some fun things I like to do at Nyack when it snows:


  1. Catch up on some sleep. You have the whole day off, you can sleep in and not feel bad about it.
  2. Watch a whole season of your favorite show on Netflix. The one time when it’s acceptable to stay in your Pjs, lay in bed, and do nothing for the whole day.
  3. Go sledding. Although lots of hills makes it impossible to leave campus, lots of hills also means great sledding. If you’re brave enough to venture out into the cold, try taking a run down Simpson hill.
  4. Catch up on your homework. If you want to be more practical and start of the semester strong, then it never hurts to start writing that paper you’ve been putting off or working on that project due soon.
  5. Build a snowman. Sometimes being grown-up is overrated and it’s more fun to just be a kid for a day.
  6. Read a book.  Taking time to read something other than required for school can be relaxing.
  7. Clean your room. Sometimes a whole day sitting around your mess is what it takes to motivate you to finally clean.
  8. Have a movie day with the people on your floor. One of the benefits of living in a dorm is that there are always people around, even when you’re snowed in.
  9. Bake something. You’re gonna get hungry at some point, and sometimes it’s just not worth it to venture out to the caf. So why not use the kitchen and bake a homemade meal instead.
  10. Help B&G shovel. Even though we get to stay inside all day, B&G is always busy shoveling to get our campus open for the next day and they are always looking for volunteers to help.11071031_738749986246156_4100266889830236129_n