10 Must Have Experiences in India

During my stay in India this winter, I have spent lots of time in the hospitals. But while I am not in the hospitals I take every chance I can to explore India and see as much as I can of the culture and people. I am enjoying trying new things, learning about the Indian way of life, and meeting many great friends. There are always new places to explore, new things to do, and more things to learn. When you get a chance to visit India, no matter what the reason, here are a few things you have to make sure you get a chance to do.

  1. Ride in a tuk tuk. You haven’t truly experienced India unless you take this classic mode of transportation.IMG_5856
  2. Wear a Saree. As the traditional dress of India, a Saree is essential for any formal event or if you just want to feel like you are a true Indian.IMG_5848
  3. Visit a palace. In the past, India was ruled by Rajas (kings), who had elaborate palaces with ornate decorations and designs. No matter where you are, you are guaranteed to find a palace nearby.IMG_5360
  4. Go on a safari. On a safari you can find bears, lions, elephants, tigers, and so many more animals native to India. There’s nothing quite like staring down a lion.IMG_5504
  5. Visit a park. All across India there are beautiful parks filled with gardens, ponds, and beautiful architecture. Make sure you visit a park at night too, because usually they will all be lit up.IMG_5371
  6. Eat some street food. Samosas, dal, and butter nan are all classic Indian dishes.IMG_5599
  7. Shop at a street market. You will never call a mall crowded again once you have taken the time to shop in an Indian street market. Everything you could ever want will be there, but you will also have to push through a crowd of hundreds of people to get to the store you want to shop at.IMG_5685
  8. Learn a few Hindi phrases. As the national language of India, it is helpful to know how to say a few different phrases like “Kaise ho?” (how are you?), “Dhanyavaad” (thank you), and “Aap ka naam kya hai?” (what is your name?)

    My little Hindi teacher.
    My little Hindi teacher.
  9. Learn how to cross a street. There are no crosswalks and there are no stoplights. You just have to dodge around all the cars, tuk tuks, motorcycles, cows, and children and hope you make it to the other side. 4cf1a4f0-81c9-4872-9b17-ec695e267064
  10. Meet new people and make great friends. The people make the place. If you really want to get a feel for what India is like, talk to the people there. You will find kind, hardworking, and loving people with hospitality and generosity you will never forget.IMG_5701