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Research Writing

Writing Well

Research discovery and presentation work together like hand and glove.  Each either justifies (when done well) or invalidates (when done poorly) the other.  Learn to give as much time and consideration to crafting and revising your findings and conclusions as you did to the process of discovering them.  Write well; present with effective clarity.

Refer to chapters in your style manual for help . . .

Types of Academic Writing Writing-Goals-Computer

All writing is not equal.  Throughout your academic career, You will be asked to produce a number of different types of writing with varying degrees of required research and reflection. 

The following tools will help you to understand the nature of a number of types of academic writing that you may face.



Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students (libncsu)
How to Write a Good Essay (zontulfilmsltd)
How to Write the Literature Review (pt.1)