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How do I contact Nyack College bookstore?

Call: 845 675-4500


How do I see what books are available for my courses this semester?

How can I order my textbooks?

Please use the link to order your books now. Textbooks are added to this site daily.

NOTE: Please be sure that when you go to select your courses, please choose “Nyack College – Traditional” for all programs.

If you do not see the books listed for your course it is because we are still waiting for this information from your professor. As soon as we recive it you will be able to place your order. Since you will not have access to the material for course work, please contact your professor so that they are aware of books not being listed.

How do I get the textbooks I have ordered online from the Nyack College Online Bookstore?

  • You can have them shipped directly to your home.