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International Students

Welcome to the Nyack College, Seminary, and Graduate Schools International Student Webpage

This page is designed to orient and educate prospective and current international students, as well as faculty advisors and college staff, regarding the international student requirements. Please note that Nyack College, Seminary, and Graduate Schools’ policies are not intended at any time to replace United States Federal Code and Regulations. 

For Prospective International Students

Getting Started as a Student: Nyack College, Seminary, and Graduate Schools is authorized to educate international students through its approved programs.  Students who are accepted into these programs must also show proof of ability to cover all academic related costs, and may include in the record of resources any aid offered to them by the school.

International Students are required to complete the regular application process as well as the additional international process.

Required Documents

  1. TOEFL Exam - Students for whom English is not the first language should be certified in English proficiency. Certification for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) requires a minimum score of 550 (paper); 213 (computer version), or 80 (internet version) on the TOEFL examination.
  2. International Student Questionnaire must be completed by all international students
    International Student Questionnaire Form (Online Form)
    International Student Questionnaire Form (PDF)

  3. A Certified Affidavit of Support is required from an individual or agency stating in $US monetary commitments that must cover the total cost of attendance for the first year of studies.
    Seminary /Graduate Schools Financial Affidavit of Support and Instructions (PDF)
    Undergraduate Financial Affidavit of Support and instructions (PDF)
  4. Free Room and Board Affidavit of Support is required for OFF CAMPUS students only. It must be filled out by the individual who will be providing your housing for the duration of your attendance at Nyack College, Seminary, and Graduate Schools.  
    Seminary /Graduate Schools Free Room and Board Affidavit of Support and Instructions (PDF)
    Undergraduate Free Room and Board Affidavit of Support and Instructions (PDF)
  5. Copies of Personal Pages of Passport/Visas. Please include copies for all dependents if applicable.
  6. Copies of previous I-20’s (if currently an F-1 Student) Please include copies for all dependents if applicable.
  7. International Student Transfer Form is required for F-1 students who have previously studied at another U.S. institution.
    International Student Transfer Form (PDF)
  8. Total Estimated Budget Worksheets: these worksheets help to estimate the total cost for one school year, and are helpful in the Affidavit process.
    Undergraduate Estimated Budget Worksheet 2014-2015 (PDF)
    Seminary/Graduate Schools Budget Worksheet 2014-2015 (PDF)

I-20 and Embassy Instructions

When you receive your I-20:
Please print your name and then sign your name on page one of the Form I-20. 

Please be sure to take all original documents: acceptance letter, bank statements, etc. when you present your endorsed Form I-20 to the U.S. Embassy.  

The Embassy Officials will ask for the endorsed I-20 and the original documents of support (affidavits and accompanying bank statements).  Please be sure the names on statements can be easily read and whenever possible that financial documents are expressed in US dollars.  Your support in affidavits and the amount of aid promised by Nyack College, Seminary, or Graduate Schools must total at least the total cost of the first year of your program.

Nyack College, Seminary, or Graduate Schools will enter your information into SEVIS (the US immigration department’s database).  The U.S. Embassy will require you to make an online processing fee (i-901) of US$190.00, at least 3 days prior to your visit to the Embassy. 
The website is:

If the I-20 is approved, the Embassy Official will issue you the U.S. F-1 Student Visa (stamped into your passport).  The visa gives you permission to enter the United States for the purpose stated on it (full-time student).  Please make sure that the expiration date of the visa covers the time required to complete the degree program.
*There may also be an additional fee for the actual F-1 Visa Stamp, if it is approved.

The I-20 form will be stamped when you arrive in the United States.  It will be stamped with the date you entered.  It will have “D/S” as the expiration date.  The “D/S” (“duration of status”) means the document is valid for as long as you are within the guidelines of that status (F-1: full-time student).

When you travel you will also receive a form I-94 (which will be stapled into your passport).  The “D/S” expiration date will also appear on the form I-94.  

The I-20/ F-1 visa allows you entry into the U.S. up to 30 days prior to the “report date” of your I-20.  You will not be allowed entry into the U.S. after the “no later than” date on the I-20.   Make sure you communicate with the Admissions Office the details of your arrival.

Your newly issued I-20 notes on item #3 “Initial Attendance”. Once you arrive on campus, notify your DSO to receive a new I-20 which notes “Continuing Attendance” for item #3.

Important: All international students must have page 3 of their current I-20 endorsed by the DSO, at least once a year to allow for reentry when a student leaves the United States.

Additional Information for  International Students

Student Responsibilities

Academic Load: Students must carry a full-time load each semester (12 credits), and may drop to less than full time only under very specific conditions and after authorization by the Designated School Official (DSO). 

Academic and Financial Responsibilities: International Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as per college guidelines and also fulfill all financial obligations for each semester enrolled.  Academic progress includes the completion of research projects and required research theses in a timely manner.  Nyack College, Seminary and Graduate Schools reserves all rights to dismiss a student who fails to meet these obligations.

Reporting to DSO’s:  It is the responsibility of international students to report changes in their academic programs of study, academic or student life office actions, and anytime the student plans to leave the United States.   DSO’s are the only persons authorized to sign page one and page three of the I-20 Application for Student Visa, or endorse applications for F-1 Student related official requests.  Students are required to confirm their full-time enrollment to DSO’s each semester in person or via email.  

Visa and Visa Status Obligations:  Students must maintain a valid passport at all times.  Visas are official U.S. government documents authorizing entry into the United States.  Valid visas are required to enter the United States.   Visa status refers to meeting the requirements of the visa category, and these must always be maintained to remain “in visa status.”


Working Opportunities:  International students are only authorized to work on-campus, part-time (maximum 20 hours per week) during the school semester.  They are also authorized to work on-campus, full-time, during vacation periods (classes not in session). 

Employment Authorization for Off-Campus Work:  Students are only authorized to work off-campus when authorized by Federal Code in the following two cases, 1) Post-Completion (after graduation) Optional Practical Training, and 2) Financial Hardship (documented proof of loss of financial support required).  Both of these privileges are granted after a review and approval of the I-765 Application and supporting materials by SEVP justices.  Further information regarding these work opportunities are available online and through the DSO’s. 

Faculty Advising
All students depend on faculty advisors to move successfully through the academic programs.  Faculty and international students should especially be mindful of the timeline restrictions stated in the approved I-20 Application for F-1 Student Visa.  Faculty Advisors and students are encouraged to discuss academic progress with DSO’s.  International students may also be authorized to transfer to other schools approved to educate F-1 international students.

Delays in the completion of academic assignments or faculty advising can have legal implications for international students.  DSO’s are prepared to discuss regulations and timelines pertaining to academic progress, Visa regulations and other authorizations with students, faculty and school administrators.

Upon Completion of a Program:
Four options are possible for students upon completion of their academic program:

  1. Transfer to the next level of study at Nyack College, Seminary, and Graduate Schools, or another F-1 School
  2. Optional Practical Training (application is recommended 60 days before completion)
  3. Application to another Visa Status (submitted electronically within 30 days after completion)
  4. Departure from the United States (within 60 days after completion)

Primary Designated School Official (MBA/MSOL/MSED Rockland)
Miguel Sánchez, Phone: (845) 358-1710 Ext. 4558
Asst. Prof. of Sociology

Designated School Official (ATS/AGSC NYC) 
Lesly Milord, Phone: (646) 378-6103
Asst. Director of Graduate Admissions, 

Designated School Official (ATS/AGSC Rockland)
Catherine Cha, Phone: (845) 770-5711
Asst. Field Education 

All foreign college/university transcripts MUST be sent to:

Globe OR WES

School Test Codes

TOEFL Undergraduate: 8273
ACT: 2846
SAT: 2560
TOEFL Graduate: 2560

Costs & Charges

Tuition $23,800
Room and Board $10,500

Nyack Grants