Rockland Campus Clubs and Organizations


Nyack College Clubs & Organizations exist to connect students who have the same interests and passions. Below is a list of all the active clubs and organizations: 

ASAP (Appointed Steppers of Anointed Praise) - The ASAP step team is a group of vibrant, rhythmic students who are stepping it up when it comes to step team material. They perform on campus, in area churches and at different venues. 

Chess Club - Do you want to take a break from the school work and challenge your mind in other areas? The chess club provides just that.

Loud Mouths – Need some hosts for your open mic? Loud Mouths is a club of talented vocal artist who uses their gifts of spoken word, rap, and songs to Glorify God. They perform throughout New York City and Nyack.

Lost and Found - This student run organization focuses on social justice issues, and looks for local ways to make an impact in the community at Nyack, and in New York City. For more information, visit

More Than Conquerors Gospel Choir - Like to sing Gospel? Then this is the club for you. MTCGC - has been a long-standing tradition here at Nyack College, performing at venues and events both on campus and in the Rockland/ New York City area. 

Men’s Lacrosse Club - This club allows male athletes to experience a team environment that embraces Jesus Christ, if they don’t already a team environment that embraces Jesus Christ, if they don’t already play the available mens sport. 

Improv Club - Love to laugh? Check out the Improv Club, develop good skills in thinking on your feet. 

Adventure Club - The Adventure Club is all about connecting Nyack students together with their creator through adventure and nature. 

Friday Night Lights American Football Club - Love Football? This is the club for you! Come out every Friday night to the Bubble 7pm and get involved.