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At Nyack College we believe that Spiritual Formation is giving God the space in our lives to help us become like Jesus from the inside out. Therefore, whenever we gather corporately we will:

Devote time to give our love and adoration to the Lord through worship;
Declare the truth of God's Word through preaching or teaching;
Demonstrate the power of God through prophetic and personal prayer ministry.
Because every person's relationship with the Lord is different, we want everyone to feel free to worship as they desire. Some people quietly reflect while others will be more outwardly expressive through raising their hands, clapping, shouting "Amen," or dancing.
Since there are many ways to hear God's voice, we want to be sure that our message is grounded in the Bible. Our primary source of communication will be preaching and teaching, but we also seek to use various forms of media, creative arts, and performing arts in order to allow the Spirit of God to speak to our hearts.
Whenever the truth of God's Word is proclaimed, our hearts are strirred to respond to Him. Therefore, each time we gather, there will be an opportunity for personal response. This may involve receiving prayer from another person or simply remaining seated to silently pray, journal, or talk with a friend.
As we give God space in our lives in these ways, He transforms us and makes us more like Jesus.
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Our offices can be found in Lookout (behind Simpson Hall, next to the back parking lot).  The office door is behind the building, next to the Simpson Hall parking lot

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