Current Student Housing Information


Be sure to read through all sections to properly apply for a room. Feel free to call or e-mail the Auxiliary Services Office at 845-675-4502, [email protected] with any questions you may have. 

    2017-2018 2018-2019

Christie Hall, Moseley Hall, Bethany

Single Room



Simpson Hall

Double, Private Bath Room



Christie Hall, Moseley Hall, Simpson Hall,
Bethany & Dunbar

Standard Room





1. Please follow the steps below before proceeding to the application.

Please follow the financial requirements before applying for housing: (No rooms will be assigned without financial clearance).

a. Account paid in full and $150 Room Reservation Fee paid (can use credit on student account). The $150 Room Reservation Fee is fully refundable until July 15, 2017. 
b. Complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA online and print out the confirmation page to show your financial aid counselor. Get financial clearance from your financial aid counselor.

2. All Residence Life fines must be paid in order to receive a room assignment.

3. Decide on your roommate and the residence hall you would like to live in.

a.   Requested roommates who are not cleared or have Residence Life fines: Each student has the option to request roommates on their housing application. If the requested roommates have not applied, are not cleared or have Residence Life fines, the Auxiliary Services office will hold their place until July 15, at which time the college reserves the right to place another student in the room.

4. Read the Room Selection Considerations below and agree to the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to the Current Student Housing Application.

5. Submit your application according to the schedule below:

Credit Hours at the end of Fall 2016

*Days to Submit a Current Student Housing Application

60 or more credits

 Monday, March 20 - Friday, March 24

0-59 credits

 Monday, March 27 - Friday, March 31

* Returning your form before the final dates will not guarantee your room preference.


1. *New* There will be up to 50% of student athlete occupancy allowed on each floor.    

2. Incoming Freshmen Female Floors: In an effort to keep our incoming female community together there will be designated floors in Christie and Simpson Halls. Christie 1 North, 3 North, 3 South and Simpson 3 North, 3 South and 4 South will not be available as options for current students on the online housing application.

3. Single rooms in Christie Hall & double rooms with private baths in Simpson Hall are primarily for female junior and senior students. Priority will be given to students with the most credits earned. Current female students who request a single or double with private bath after all singles and doubles with private baths have been assigned may request to be placed on the waiting list by marking the appropriate box on the application.

4. Upperclassmen residences (Dunbar for males & Bethany for females) are primarily for junior and senior students. To live in upperclassmen housing, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Priority is given to Junior and Senior students with a 3.5 GPA or higher.
  2. After all qualified Juniors and Seniors have been placed, any student who does not meet the GPA requirement will be considered.
  3. Residence Life may conduct interviews with any students applying for upperclassmen housing.
  4. These students must exhibit a strong desire to excel, display good character, and show a willingness to comply with the standards placed by the Residence Life Office.
  5. All students requesting to go into upperclassmen housing must not have any disciplinary sanctions on file with Student Development.
  6. Residence Life reserves the right to decline upperclassmen housing to any students at their discretion.

5. Please note that a students’ current room assignment is not guaranteed for the Fall 2017 semester. The continuation of a room assignment may only be kept between the Fall and Spring semesters.

6. Priority in room selection is determined by the number of academic credit hours earned by the end of Fall 2016. In the event that two people with the same number of credit hours apply for the same room, other criteria will be used.

7. Although a specific room may currently be designated a certain occupancy, it may be slated as either a lower or higher occupancy next year. Check the bulletin board located outside of the Auxiliary Services office for occupancy and room numbers to help in planning your room request.

8. Any Current Student Housing Application with financial clearance received after April 1 will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be advised that it is in your best interest to take care of housing during the dates assigned for room selection.

9. Please note due to the growth in the student body and high demand for campus housing, the college reserves the right to change assigned rooms as necessary. In such cases, the college will provide students with alternate campus housing options. Nyack College also reserves the right to place a student in any available space on campus. As a courtesy, we make every effort to notify residents that a student they have not selected as a roommate has been placed in the room. However, it is important to always assume that your room will be operating at full occupancy.

If you're ready to apply for housing, click here.


If you are planning to move off campus for the Fall 2017 year, please consider the following:

1. All full-time Freshmen and Sophomore students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus unless living at home with a parent or guardian.

2. Moving off campus is only allowed during Summer and Winter breaks. If you decide to move off campus during the Fall and Spring semester, you will be responsible for full semester room and board charges.

3. A student must get financial clearance from Student Financial Services by submitting the 2017-2018 FAFSA and by making sure their student account is paid in full for the current semester. If you have any questions, contact your financial aid counselor. Commuter students are eligible for a maximum of $4,000 from Nyack grants and scholarships. Your account may be adjusted accordingly (see Nyack College Catalog for details).

4. All students wanting to live off campus must fill out the Off Campus Request Form available online here.