Nyack College Facilities: Van Driver Forms


VANS: x4595/x4507

Nyack College owned vans are available for use by approved college organizations and may be scheduled through the Facilities Department. They are not for personal use. Vans need to be requested by faculty or staff.  Requests from students will not be honored.

Requests must be made at least one week prior to use and are assigned according to the following priorities: (1) Academics, (2) Athletics, (3) Spiritual Formation, (4) All Others.

In order to drive a college-owned vehicle, a student must be at least 21 years of age and have a clear driving record verified by the college insurance company. This form is available at the Facilities Department or on our website.

A set fee per mile is charged to all organizations when borrowing a college-owned van. Each van is assigned a mileage card, and that must be filled out completely and correctly, or the organization will be charged a fee. The van must be returned to Facilities with the inside clean, or the organization will be charged a fee for cleaning. Drivers are to report any accident or damage to the vehicle immediately to the Facilities Department.

For a copy of the Nyack College Policies and Procedures for Use of College Vans, CLICK HERE

For a copy of the Van Driver Registration Form, CLICK HERE