ATS DMin: Financing Your Degree

Plan 1—Monthly Payments/Shared Funding with a Church or Parachurch Ministry

The Doctoral student’s ministry will benefit significantly, therefore the student’s church or parachurch organization may want to help underwrite the tuition costs. Because not all ministry organizations are able to pick up the total cost of the program, a plan of shared participation in the costs of a Doctor of Ministry degree could be considered. The ministry organization may agree to split the monthly cost in ways that work for both the student and the organization. 

Plan 2—Federal Student Loans

We have kept the Doctorate program costs low in order to enable the student to pay on a monthly basis. Loans should be used only if other resources are not available. Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary participates in the Direct Federal Student Loan program.  To receive federal student loan funds a student must be enrolled for at least six credits and be a candidate in the Doctor of Ministry degree program. 

Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan
The government pays the interest on the Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan the while the student is enrolled in school and during the six-month grace period.  Repayment begins after the six-month grace period which follows graduation, withdrawal from classes, or after enrollment drops below six credits. The standard repayment term is ten years but may be extended through loan consolidation. The annual maximum subsidized loan amount is $8,500 and is determined by financial need.

Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
The interest accrues for the Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan while the student is enrolled in school and during the grace period. Repayment begins after the six-month grace period.  The annual maximum loan amount is $20,500, less any amount received through the Subsidized Federal Stafford loan. The Stafford Loans has an aggregate loan limit of $138,500.00 which includes undergraduate and graduate degree loans.  Students who have completed the program of study or are enrolled less than half time (3 credits), must complete a loan exit interview.

  • To Apply--Students must fill out a FAFSA at and include the Nyack School code of 002790.
  • A Financial Aid award letter will be sent to the student after ATS receives the FAFSA electronically. 
  • To complete the loan process the student must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and
  • Entrance Loan Counseling online at   Additional loan information including interest rates, loan repayment calculators and the Graduate PLUS loan program is also available through the Nyack Website.   Other questions can be directed to: 

Student Financial Services, ATS/DMin (Rockland) Campus

Mon – Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (EST)
350 South Highland Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960
845-770-5772 * 845-353-2028 (fax)