Meet the Director

Dr. Martin Sanders

Dr. Martin Sanders is a mentor, professor, pastor, consultant, author, and speaker. He has spent 30 years developing the leaders around him. Martin has the vision, passion, and skills to see development in leaders at both the local and global levels. For 25 years he has taught, first at Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Saskatchewan, and then 20 years at Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY. Martin has more than 12 years of pastoral experience in fast growing, life changing churches in both Canada and the United States as well as two extended intentional interim pastorates in Western Australia.

Dr. Sanders is president and founder of Global Leadership, Inc., a non-profit organization designed to develop the next generation of leaders in under-resourced parts of the world. Through Global Leadership thousands of leaders have been taken to the next level of effectiveness in their personal and professional lives on every continent.

With his unique communication style Martin has produced a series of CDs, booklets and articles entitled "Global Perspectives", and has authored several books, including The Power of Mentoring: Shaping People Will Shape the World, and How to Get the Family You Always Wanted which is also available in French and Russian. To be released are Mentoring Women as Leaders; Speak to Me: Effective Principles of Urban Preaching; and Becoming a Missional Leader.

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