Concentrations in Communications - Rockland


We are happy to announce that the New York State Education Department has approved the changes to the Communications Program!  The B.S. in Communication will now offer three concentrations effective Fall 2011: 1) Mass Communications, 2) Emerging Technology and 3) Dramatic Arts.

Emerging Technology

The Emerging Technology concentration incorporates visual and audio production skills with courses that focus on the theory and history of media.  Students become versed in a wide range production related skills. The Emerging Technology concentration component is as follows (Effective Fall 2013):

COM 236 Basic Audio Production

COM 244 Introduction to TV/Film Production

COM 247 Production Fundamentals

COM 314 Television Aesthetic

COM 413 Documentary Research

COM 420 Senior Project

COM 438 Advanced TV/Film Production

Mass Communications

The Mass Communications concentration explores the merits of both journalism and film studies. Students gain an understanding of how communication serves as the organizing feature of relationships and mediated images. The Mass Communications concentration component is as follows:

COM222            Introduction to Cinema

COM235            Introduction to Journalism

COM315            Scriptwriting

COM319            Mass Media Research Methods

COM330            Media Writing

COM411            Faith, Film, and Culture

COM435            Media Law

Dramatic Arts

The Dramatic Art concentration introduces students to the historical, aesthetic, and practical applications of the theatre discipline. Students endeavor into the theory, performance, and critical studies of Western and world drama.  The Dramatic Arts concentration component is as follows:

DRA205            Introduction to Theatre

COM307            Aesthetics and Design

COM316            Script Analysis for Performers

DRA/ENG 317 Playwriting I

DRA335            Acting I

COM337            Voice and Articulation

COM472            Fundamentals of Play Directing


Concentrations in Communications - Manhattan

We are happy to announce that a General Concentration in Communications has been approved by Nyack College's College of Arts and Sciences, and will be effective on the Manhattan campus as of the 2015-2016 school year!