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2016 Nyack Alumni & Friends Phonathon

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Wednesday January 27, 2016

The Nyack College 2016 Alumni & Friends Phonathon takes place February 15-March 31, 2016. This annual event allows friends of the College and Seminary, as well as our alumni, to invest in our mission of preparing emerging leaders to serve across our nation and around the world. Financial gifts to our Student Support Fund are just one way that donors can become stakeholders in Christian higher education at Nyack/ATS.

Phonathon callers are current students who have committed to fitting this project into their busy schedules. They’ll give updates on exciting things happening on our campuses, listen to stories our alumni may share, and pray for those who may have requests.

In the coming weeks, as our giving page is refreshed, you can meet our 2016 student callers and learn how their experiences have transformed their lives and equipped them to impact the lives of others. Be sure to check back and visit to meet these exceptional young men and women.

Thanks in advance for being an encouragement to our students! 

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