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Wireless Access

Posted by kevin.buel on Sunday July 1, 2007

Information Technologies maintains a centrally managed wireless network based on hardware manufactured by Meru Networks.  (  Students wishing to take advantage of the wireless network should purchase laptops that have built in wireless support for 802.11G or B standards. If adding wireless equipment to your desktop or older laptop, make sure the device supports not only the 802.11 G and B standards but also the operating system your computer is using.  Information Technologies recommends better known brands of cards to ensure you can connect and can get support if you need it. Some of the brands recommended: Linksys(Cisco), Netgear,  Dlink, or HP.  Vendors offering very inexpensive units are not recommended as  these units have not proven to provide uniform connection.
Dorms currently offering wireless service include Christie,  Dunbar, Harmony, Bethany, Jaffery, Moseley and Simpson.  Other areas that offer connection are Bailey Library, Boon Center student lounges, the dining commons as well as Boon, Simpson and  Hilltop classrooms. Further coverage will follow as  budget allows.

Conflicting wireless devices found to interfere with the college provided system will be traced and removed without notice.

Currently the wireless system is an open system which allows making connection to it simple.  By using the wireless network, users agree to take responsibility for issues that might arise from their transmissions being monitored by others.

Due to the number and complexity of configurations of personally owned computer systems, the Nyack College Information Technologies Department is not staffed to deal with student owned computer problems. There is a tremendous amount of help available online from  both your wireless device manuacturer and computer retailer at their respective web sites. 

General workstations are available in Boon, Moseley, Simpson and Christie lounges as well as labs and the Library to access that information.   Those students requiring further help can purchase online help 24 hours a day from (  There is also a  "Geeksquad" service counter in Best Buy, located at the Palisades Shopping center, minutes from the college.


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