Woman: A Rites of Passage Program for Nyack Female Students

In Shuman Hall on the Rockland campus of Nyack College, the eighth cohort of Woman:  A Rites of Passage program, held its initiation ceremony on the Rockland County campus. This evening launched the 2017-2018 study course on a woman’s relationship with God, self, others and creation for female students entering their senior year. Special events and activities supplement the monthly instructional meetings. At the conclusion of the year, a crossing over ceremony is the platform for each graduate to present an illustration of the personal transformation that she has experienced in a variety of formats including song, dance, painting, video or poetry.

The program was founded by Nyack College Associate Professor of Theology and Bible, Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah. Woman was inspired by her doctoral dissertation, which became her first book, The Book of Womanhood, (Cascade Publishers) and the text for the course. She is joined by a leadership team that includes Rockland campus Dean of Students Wanda Velez, Christie Hall Resident Director Heather Butcher, doctoral student Mariela Henry, and Dorm Area Coordinator Yolanda Morgan—all alumnae of Nyack College and/or Alliance Theological Seminary. Mentors, who are interviewed and chosen by the mentees, meet regularly with the students and support the leadership team.