Two New York Locations

ROCKLAND: 845.358.1710
MANHATTAN: 212.625.0500





Division of Student Success Staff

Director: Dr. Gwen Parker Ames
Associate Dean, Division of Student Success for Rockland and Manhattan Campuses
HEOP Director
Phone Ext. 4446
Rockland Compass 

Mrs. Gina Jacobs-Strain, Chair of Developmental Education
Phone ext. 4451

Mrs. Cari Davis, Program Assistant, HEOP
Phone ext. 4444

Mr. Nathaniel Perez, HEOP Counselor / Academic Advisor
Phone ext. 4447

Mr. Jodel Wright, Program Assistant
Phone ext. 4445

Mr. James Carrington, Testing and Tutoring Coordinator / HEOP Counselor
Phone ext. 4449

Mrs. Elona Collins, Coordinator of Disabilities Support Services (Rockland)
Phone ext. 4440

Manhattan Campus

Mrs. Cheryl Turman, Director of COMPASS Services
Phone ext. 7909

Mr. Antonio Gary, Testing and Tutoring Coordinator/ARC Advisor
Phone ext. 7708

Mrs. Deborah Spivey, Lecturer in Developmental Education
Phone ext. 7737