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Global Service-Learning

2016 GS-L Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Trips

All undergraduate trips take place during the last two weeks of Christmas Break


Course: ICS 400: Peoples and Cultures of the Himalayas

Faculty: Dr. Scott Reitz

Estimated Cost: $3,000



Course: CD 770/PMN 357 Introduction to Church Planting  

Faculty: Dr. Orlando Rivera

India is home to over 400 million people who have never heard the name of Jesus—making India the most unreached nation on earth. Come and experience how God is raising up church planters to reach the unreached in India. Seeing what God is doing in India will help you meet the needs of the unreached in our own country and become more aware of how you can accelerate church planting globally. I look forward to seeing you on the team. This PMN course is cross-listed with THE 446-The Church.”

Estimated Cost: $2,550



Course: BIB/HIS/THE 384: Historical and Geographic Locations of the Bible

Faculty: Dr. Steven Notley and Dr. Jeffrey Garcia

Estimated Cost: $2,550



Course: MUS 362: Chamberfest Asia

Please note: MUS 361 is a required prerequisite for the course and must be taken in Fall 2015

Faculty: Dr. Tammy Lum and Dr. Marie Kenote

This course involves a cross-cultural experience to explore and showcase classical, sacred and folk chamber music influenced by Asian, American and Western cultures. The participants will have ministry opportunities to share the Christian faith through music and word”

Estimated Cost: $3,050



Course: BUS 382: Missions Outreach from a Business Perspective

Faculty: Dr. James Muckell and Dr. Gordon Boronow

Estimated Cost: $1,400



Course 1: ARH 101: Intro to Visual Arts

Faculty: Dr. James Romaine

Art history comes to life in Paris! The Mona Lisa is waiting to show you her smile. Complete your fine arts core requirement in just 2 weeks in Paris! See art from ancient Egypt to the modern world at the Louvre. At the Musée d'Orsay, meet Monet, Degas, and van Gogh. Let the Cathedral of Notre Dame inspire your faith and imagination. Post a selfie from the Eiffel Tower.”

Course 2: HIS 114: World Civilizations II  

Faculty: Dr. Dell O’Hara

Explore the making of the modern world in Paris! Walk the halls of the Louis XIV’s Versailles Palace, discover the people and places of the Enlightenment & the French Revolution, trace the rise of Napoleon and walk the battlefields of the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Experience the “City of Light” & fulfill your World Civ II requirement in just 2 weeks!”

Estimated Cost: $2,550

Please note: this is a dual course trip. You may only register for one 3 credit course.



Course 1: SWK 377: Poverty and Children in Southeast Asia

Faculty: Dr. Kwi Yun and Dr. David Jennings

Course 2: EDU 377: Educating Children in Poverty: South East Asia

Faculty: Dr. Marie White

Estimated Cost: $2,600

Please note: this is a dual course trip. You may only register for one 3 credit course.



Course 1: ART 252: Fine Arts in the City of Venice
Faculty: Dr. Dana Talley and Dr. Sue Talley

Course 2: ENG 202: Global Literature II
Faculty: Dr. Kevin Pinkham

Estimated Cost: $2,900

Please note: this is a dual course trip. You may only register for one 3 credit course.


Graduate Trips

Course: GCN/CN 780: Counseling for Global Engagement

Faculty: Dr. Elaine Eng

Dates: April 4, 2016 – April 14, 2016

This course will provide experiential, didactic and service learning opportunities to understand the counseling issues of missionaries and their families. The course will be held in the setting of the Christian Medical and Dental Conference-Education Commission where U.S. faculty and missionaries from throughout the African continent will convene creating learning opportunities in mental health, global medicine and spiritual life. It will enable students to learn about narrative psychology and group work in service abroad in a cross cultural setting. Practical ethnography, language and cross-cultural learning will address the people of Greece. Finally the students will be exposed to biblical teaching in the setting of places where biblical narratives occurred such as Mars Hill in Athens and excursions to Greek cities prominent in the New Testament.”

Estimated Cost: $3,075



Course: GCN/CN 780: Counseling for Global Engagement

Faculty: Antoinette Gines-Rivera

Dates: January 6, 2016 – January 16, 2016

Honduras is a beautiful dominant Spanish speaking country, and while The Hondureńo is a kind & welcoming people, they are a people with a great need. You see… Counseling in Honduras is virtually non-existent. The pastors & clergy are the ones in the trenches and they need our help! We, as AGSC & ATS students, can bring a wealth of assistance & support to this country through clinical & biblical counseling, training, & recourses. The beauty of this course is that YOU get to be God’s hands as you step out in faith to pour yourself out to God’s people. Don’t speak Spanish? No problem. Translators will be provided!”

Estimated Cost: $2,600