Undergraduate Scholarship Application

2018-2019 Academic Year

Who may apply:
Both Nyack College Rockland County and New York City campus undergraduate students (currently enrolled) who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Nyack College cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above (as of the end of fall term, 2017).
  • Plan to register as a continuing full-time student (minimum 12 semester credits) for the fall term, 2018-2019.

Based on information submitted online with the Undergraduate Scholarship Application, students will be considered for all scholarships for which they meet the requirements. Students with the highest GPA’s are awarded first.

A complete list of scholarships is available upon request to the Student Financial Services office.  Nyack College has over 80 endowed scholarship funds, producing earnings of nearly $100,000 that is awarded to selected students each year.

Deadline has been extended to 11:59 on February 28, 2018

First Name:
Last Name:
Nyack Email:
Please provide your current address:
Class level you expect to be by next Fall term based on credits earned:
Do you plan to graduate at the end of Fall 2018?
Student ID #:
Country of Citizenship:
If 'Other' or an African country, please indicate which:
Ethnicity (US citizens only - select all that apply):
Native American
State of permanent residence (US citizens and resident aliens):
Were you or are you a participant in the Big Brothers or Big Sisters mentoring program?
Were you or are you a participant in the First Tee Metropolitan mentoring program?
Indicate the Nyack intercollegiate athletic team(s) on which you will participate during the next academic year:
Men's Soccer
Men's Basketball
Men's Golf
Men's Cross Country
Men's Baseball
Women's Soccer
Women's Basketball
Women's Cross Country
Women's Volleyball
Women's Softball
Women's Lacrosse
Are either of your parents an alumnus of Nyack College?
Are you licensed or pursuing licensing with the C&MA?
Do you plan on entering into full-time Christian ministry as a career?
Do you plan on serving in full-time ministry with the C&MA denomination?
Are you a member or adherent of a C&MA church?
If yes, please indicate the following:
Church Name:
Church City:
Church State:
Indicate the C&MA district in which the church is located:
Are you an M.K. (missionary's kid)?
If yes, state the denomination/mission organization with which your parent(s) are ministering or have most recently ministered:
Please name the country or field in which your parent(s) are ministering or have most recently ministered:
Are you a P.K. (pastor's kid)?
If yes, state the denomination in which your parent(s) are ministering or have most recently ministered:
Please give the church name, city, and state of their current/most recent pastoral position:
Area of intended ministry:
If you selected "international ministry," indicate your intended mission field/country:
If you intend a ministry career, indicate your planned focus:
General pastoral ministry
Youth Ministry
Children's Ministry
Christian Education Ministry
Christian Higher Education (college/univ teaching/admin)
Christian Communications (radio/TV/publishing)
Ministry in a Para-church Context (eg. in an organization not connected with a local church but which exists to assist the ministry of the local church)
Music Ministry
If you do not plan a career in full-time Christian ministry, indicate the general field of your intended profession:
Major Field of Study:
Are you an Interdisciplinary Studies major?
Double majors and Interdisciplinary Studies major should indicate both a first and second major otherwise only indicate one major field of study.
First Major:
Second Major:
Brief Essay (Two Paragraphs)
Please describe your professional, career, or ministry goals and (if applicable) graduate school plans.
Give information about contributions to the college community and off-campus ministry and community service endeavors.
Mephiboseth Scholarship
(Only complete this section if you meet eligibility requirement of having a physical impairment that is likely to continue indefinitely)
Do you have a physical impairment?
Please describe your physical disability and how it makes employment during the academic year less likely.