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Scholarship and Service at Nyack: Hand in Glove
Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40 are never very far from my mind“whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” The greatest joy for me is to see the image of God in everyone I meet and treat each and every person with utmost dignity and respect. According to this passage, the way I treat people is similar to the way I treat Jesus. I think this is how the Lord calls us to serve. This is how we can touch lives.
At Nyack—the college, graduate schools, and seminary—students and alumni are responding to “the call” in world-changing ways. Service and scholarship work hand in glove. Academic preparation equips the students God sends to us; the servant’s heart is the key that opens doors to opportunities for making an impact in the lives of others.
What does touching other lives look like? A major factor and Nyack distinctive is the opportunity for global service learning—internships, short term missions trips abroad, student teaching, volunteering at local community events and a variety of other ways. That’s what our current students do. Nyack and ATS alumni cover the globe—more than 26,000 in 74 nations. 
Reaching the nations and the underserved was integral to our founder’s vision in 1882 and continues to be today. You may be familiar with our heart’s desire to establish a permanent campus in New York City—the gateway to the world. Imagine the potential for impact in a city of more than 8 million people—the residents, the churches, the businesses, the social agencies and organizations—all can be impacted and served by Nyack.
If you have never heard of our initiative called, “The Miracle in Manhattan,” (click here), to learn more. If you would like to be personally involved, I’d love to hear from you at president@nyack.edu.
All for Jesus,

Michael G. Scales
From the President

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