Center for the Advancement of Faith, Ethics, and Learning

The Nyack College School of Education has recently launched the Center for the Advancement of Faith, Ethics, and Learning. (CAFEL) The Center’s main goal is to support Christian Post-Secondary Educators in their effort to mentor students to integrate Faith, Ethics, Scholarship, and Vocation. The Center seeks to:

CAFEL is directed by Dr. Dion T. Harrigan. Professor Harrigan has competence in two disciplines that uniquely qualifies him to carry this responsibility. He has a B.A and M.Div. in the area of religion, and serves as the Associate Pastor of a large church in New York City. He also has an MA and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, and serves as an Associate Professor at Nyack College’s School of Education. For many years he has researched, written articles, and presented at numerous conferences on the concept and practice of Faith Learning Integration. He has also conducted numerous workshops to train teacher educators how to prepare and teach lessons which integrate faith and lesson content.

The Center collaborates with two important organizations on Nyack's campus; the Nyack Scholars' Symposium Committee, and the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement. The Center for the Advancement of Faith, Ethics, and Learning is currently pursuing partnerships with national and international organizations who share a passion for faith learning integration.

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