ATS Grants and Scholarships

ATS Grants & Endowed Scholarships (Rockland)

Students accepted to ATS who take at least 9-12 credit hours in a semester may apply for institutional aid.  To be eligible for scholarships or grants a student must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher (some require 3.5 GPA) Grants are awarded in the admissions process.

Institutional grants for students enrolled for 12 or more credits per semester may not exceed $1,500.00 semester.

Institutional grants for students enrolled in 9 credits per semester will not exceed $1,125.00 per semester.

Endowed Scholarships require an enrollment of 9 credits per semester. Scholarships are awarded by a Scholarship committee, who meet in April for the following school year. Students are notified of awarded scholarships in May by Student Financial Services. A thank you letter is required by students who receive a scholarship.

The Application process is online and is opened first week of January and is closed the last day of February. The on line application can be found at:

Students who do not apply on line will not be eligible for scholarships. Two scholarships require written essays. The essay guidelines can be found in the on line application process or see Student Financial Services.

Grants (Rockland Campus)

The following grants are funded by Alliance Theological Seminary and are available to qualifying students: Awarded amounts of grants will be based on enrollment of 9 or more credits unless otherwise indicated.

All institutional grants are available to students enrolling for the fall/spring semesters. A grant is renewable by maintaining a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher. Grants lost due to low grades may be reinstated by appealing to the Office of Student Services if at any point a student regains the minimum necessary cumulative grade point average.

Grants (New York City Campus)

Financial aid is determined on a semester basis and based on the number of credits taken. The awards are:

3-5 credits - $140.00

6-8 credits - $300.00

9-11 credits -$440.00

Student Enrolled for 12 or more credits receive an award of at least $1000 per semester.

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