Field Education at Alliance Theological Seminary

Welcome to SF603: Field Education at Alliance Theological Seminary!

Field Ed at ATS is a supervised ministry experience designed to encourage each M.Div. and MPS student’s spiritual growth and ministry, as well as help him / her go deeper in knowledge, ministry skills and character development.

Field Ed provides supervisory sessions with a Mentor, opportunities for reflection, and accountability.  Heavy emphasis is placed on the mentoring relationship and the Intern’s character development.  Interns work with the Field Ed Coordinator to secure an Internship site that will enable them to integrate the cognitive and experiential components of ministry, further preparing them for future Kingdom ministry.

At the start of Field Ed, Mentors and Interns meet together at a 3-hour session designed to foster a solid Intern / Mentor relationship, and to teach skills of mentoring.  Together, they develop a Contract to guide and keep them on-track throughout the Internship.

SF603: Field Ed is a fully field-based course, with minimal classroom time.  It is offered in 1-credit increments of 120 hours each.  Students may register for 1, 2 or 3 credits of SF603 per semester (Coordinator approval is required for 2- or 3-credit registrants).  In order to graduate from the M.Div. and MPS programs, students must complete 3 credits / 360 hours of Field Ed.

We are at your service, and look forward to walking with you through your Internship experience:

SF603: Field Education Program Goals

Healthy Leaders.  Field Ed establishes the foundation for a good Internship and mentoring relationship to create healthy Christian leaders of good character, and effective ministers to a post-modern world.

Self-Awareness.  The Intern understand his / her strengths and weaknesses in relation to his / her functional ministry calling.

Test Vocational Call.  Field Ed provides confirmation and clarification of the Intern’s call and vocational direction.

Ministry Competency.  Field Ed enables the Intern to acquire practical and relational skills, qualities, professionalism and ministerial knowledge.

Integration of Faith & Learning.  Field Ed enables the student to integrate all facets of theological understanding, spiritual formation, theory, practice, acquired skills, relational skills and ministerial knowledge into a life of ministry.

SF603: Field Education Program Purposes
  1. Develop in character and ministry competencies, remembering that the goal of Field Education is the development of the whole person.
  2. Improve Biblical, theological and trans-cultural methodology by providing the experiential component, along with a Mentor who serves as a guide through the “nuts & bolts” of ministry.