Meet Sarah, School of Music Student

“I live in Astoria now, but I’m originally from Indiana like the very very southern tip. So I came from cornfields to the big city which was a very big transition but It’s definitely exciting. I originally wanted to do theater or acting or something with performing in that sense, and so I was like what better place to go then New York, and I obviously wanted to get out of Indiana and kind of experience more of the world. I got to Nyack and I had my audition and it was just an instant connection and it was kind of a God thing. I had been praying and I was like ‘God just tell me where I’m supposed to go and tell me what I’m supposed to do and just give me a clear sign.’ If I only get into one college or if I only get good scholarships to one college, that’s where I know I’ll have to go. I had an amazing experience with auditions and everybody that I worked with and I looked at my mom and I was like this is where I’m supposed to go. This is where I was meant to be.” -Sarah, School of Music Student on the NYC Campus