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Nyack College Information Literacy Mission Statement

To provide Nyack College community with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information to promote life-long learning for service to Christ and society.*

Nyack College Information Literacy Definition

Information literacy is an intellectual framework for identifying, finding, understanding, evaluating and using information. It includes determining the nature and extent of needed information; accessing information effectively and efficiently; evaluating the quality and source of the information; interpreting and integrating selected information in the learners knowledge base, value system and Christian worldview; managing and organizing information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose, demonstrating creative ability in applying, designing, inventing or authoring new information; understanding the economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information and information technology; and observing laws, regulations, and institutional policies related to the access and use of information.*

*Approved by Nyack Faculty Spring 2003

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