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Resource Order Guidelines

These are the steps in the process for ordering materials that support courses you are teaching:

1. Any faculty member may submit a request for library materials.  You may use a print-out from an online source such as or another provider, or circle desired item from a publisher's catalog.  You may also use the Recommend a Resource form to submit your request.

  • ATS Rockland Faculty submit all requests to Cheryl Felmlee (ATS Library) 845-770-5764
  • NC Rockland Faculty submit all requests to Sunya Notley (Bailey Library) 845-675-4436
  • NC/ATS NYC Faculty submit all requests to Christy Choi (Eastmant Library) 646-378-6142
  • Grad programs such as AGSC, MBA, MED, MSOL submit to their respective locations. 

2. Include the course number that the item will support (to demonstrate that we are complying with our mission of supporting the curriculum).  Submitted requests not containing a course number will be returned to the requestor.

3. If an item is needed for use in a class by a specific date, please print "Rush" next to the item requested and provide the date the item is needed by. (Note: Because of approximately 1 week turn-around for administrative approval of purchase orders etc., please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for rush orders).

4. You may use the online catalog (Encore) to check the requested item's status.  Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for ordering, receiving and processing.  For further information on your request please contact you campus librarian.

5. Please submit requests before the end of the Spring Semester.  This allows time for the books to arrive and invoices to be paid out of the current budget year.