The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment


The Office of Institutional Research serves as an information hub for the college.  Its primary role centers on the collection, analysis, reporting and archiving of data related to enrollment, graduation, financial aid, admissions, student life, athletics, alumni, faculty & staff, curriculum & course offerings, and assessment measures.  Information is provided internally to campus administrators to facilitate decision-making and planning, as well as externally to government agencies, accreditors, higher education associations, and college guide publishers.  The office also assists with ad hoc data and internal research requests.

As part of the overall data-sharing process, the office publishes the Fact Book and updated versions of the Trend Book and Assessment Trend Book annually for general distribution.

Additionally, the office administers various Institutional assessments on a scheduled basis.  National instruments include the Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ), the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), CIRP’s Freshmen Survey, CIRP’s Your First College Year, the ETS Proficiency Profile, HERI’s Faculty Survey, and major field tests for graduates of select majors.  Internal instruments include end-of-semester course evaluations, an annual alumni survey, and satisfaction questionnaires for various college departments.

Dr. Ron Ruegsegger, a former VP and Dean of the college, provided strategic support in developing the office.  Prior directors of the office included Kimberly Farrell, Joel Huttar, Karen Widbin, and Renee Quintyne.   The current director is Greg Beeman.