YFS' Recommended Resources


www.youthpastor.com Offers lessons, games, job center, a resource directory and services for funding and advertising.

www.youthspecialties.com Offers articles, catalog of resources, conversations, job bank.

www.group.com Offers articles, resources, etc. for children’s, youth, and adult ministries.

www.simplyyouthministry.com Offers podcasts, articles, catalog of resources.

www.youthworker.com  Offers a regular column on youth culture by Walt Mueller, w/many other articles and other resources.

www.campusministry.com  An interactive site for college students and college student ministries.

www.cellgroup.com  Offers resources to help Youth Leaders run their small groups.

www.mentoryouth.com The Department of Justice and the National Network of Youth Ministries are partnering to try to make mentors available to youth in every community.

www.cciusa.org  Christian Camping International offers a data-base of all Christian camps in the U.S.

www.strongfamilies.com  This site is designed to help those in ministry to help their churches and communities support and build strong families.

iasym.net International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry provides assistance to those interested in researching youth ministry, global culture and trends, etc.

www.cpyu.org  The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding  provides a site trying to help those in youth ministry understand and impact culture. Provides links and descriptions to many youth ministry sites.

www.youthworkers.net  Offers assistance to youthworkers in networking and training

Journals (Academic and Trade):

Group Magazine

Youth Worker Journal

The Journal of Youth Ministry

Christian Education Journal

New Directions for Youth Development: Theory, Practice, Research

Journal of Adolescence

International Journal of Child, Youth, and Family Studies


Youth Specialties’ National Convention

Simply Youth Ministry Conference

Association of Youth Ministry Educators’ Conference


C.S. Lewis- his combination of imaginative writing with concern for critical thinking is particularly relevant in today’s climate.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer- A model of Biblical and social justice minded/committed Christianity.

Len Kageler- Len’s texts are all practically oriented, thorough, and immediately helpful for any youth ministry practitioner- professional or volunteer.

Walt Mueller- Mueller’s texts help all (practitioners, parents, etc.) to understand the vital content and fluid nature of youth culture.

Jim Burns- Practically oriented youth ministry texts that help youth workers understand youth, parents, and their family contexts better.


Arzola, F. (2008) Toward a Prophetic Youth Ministry: Theory and Praxis in Urban Context.  IVP Academic

Borgman, D. (2013). Foundations for Youth Ministry: Theological Engagement with Teen Life and Culture. Baker Academic.

Burns, J. (2008). Uncommon Youth Ministry. Gospel Light. ISBN-13: 978-0830746835

Chan, F. (2013). Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples. David C Cook.

Chan, F. (2008). Crazy Love. Overwhelmed by a Relentless God. David C. Cook.  ISBN-13: 978-1434768513

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Dorland Healthcare Information, (2011). 2012 National Directory of Children, Youth, and Family Services: The Professional’s Reference.

Erwin, Pam. (2010). A Critical Approach to Youth Culture, Zondervan

Fields, D. (2013). Purpose Driven Youth Ministry. Zondervan.

Holt, L. (2011). Geographies of Children, Youth, & Families: An International Perspective. T&F Books UK. ASIN: B004QM9V4Y 

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Kosseff, A. (2010). AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership. Appalachin Mtn. Club Books, 2nd ed.

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