Youth & Family Studies Calendar of Events


All of these events are led by the YFS Department Student Leadership Team.

  1. Every semester we have 2 department chapels in both the Fall and the Spring. These chapels usually allow us to worship together as a department for the majority of the time and to communicate essential interdepartmental information with some of the time.
  2. Every Fall we have a “Game Night” in September or November.
  3. Every Fall we have a Department Retreat at an off-site location, usually in October. This past year, 96% of all department students (majors, interdisciplinary studies, and minors) attended the Retreat. Both full time faculty always attend the retreat as well. This retreat is also led by the Student Leadership Team.
  4. Every year in December we have a Department Christmas party together. The “white elephant” Christmas gift exchange is the highlight of the evening.
  5. Every Spring we have a BBQ at the end of the semester. “Senior Will Downs”, in which seniors pass on something (special, or funny) to other students, highlight the event. We’ve had several items passed on through several generations of YFS students. The BBQ always is theme oriented and offers the students a chance to enjoy some STEAK together at the end of the year.
  6. This past year, our department hosted an “outreach” event at the YMCA in the Spring and it was well attended by community youth.  These types of events are not annual but occur sometimes.
  7. Every Spring we resupply the YFS Leadership Team with new members.
  8. The Department Leadership Team also meets at least once per month and has a retreat at the beginning of each semester.  The Department Chair hosts these retreats.

For updated specifics and many more communications, please consult the department Facebook page