Study Youth Ministry at Nyack College

Contact Information: Welcome to the Youth & Family Studies Department at Nyack College.  Hopefully, you’ll find everything you need to know about our program here.  To meet YFS faculty just click on the Faculty tab. If you would like more information, please email Ron.Belsterling@nyack.edu or call 845-675-4519.

YFS is a Distinct Major and one of the most comprehensive youth and family ministry programs in the country, offering 28 different YFS department courses and 4 student-preference-centered concentrations. As a ministry department in the College of Bible and Christian Ministries, all of our students graduate with a minor in Bible.  Please click on the YFS Courses tab to see a master list of courses, course descriptions, and concentration options. 

Visiting High School students  may wish to scroll through the Current Students tab and Alumni tab to see what they are currently doing and how they feel about their educational experience at Nyack College. You’ll find their stories exciting as we have former students who, in addition to doing the hard work of youth and/or family ministry, have written books, served as Olympic Team chaplains, won honors for making documentary films, earned Graduate degrees, worked with the lowest cast system children in other countries, and started their own specialized local and international youth ministries.

Career possibilities for our majors include: Church youth ministry, parachurch youth ministry, children’s ministry, family ministry, youth work, young adult ministry, family services, camping, and many others. Please go to the Career Opportunities tab to see what graduates can realistically expect as far as earning potential and how many job openings there currently are in our fields.  You’ll also find a sample of the many types of ministries and organizations that will employ our graduates.

YFS Mission and Values- It is our mission to enfold, encourage, equip, and unleash our students to accomplish great goals in God’s power. We especially value the Bible, prayer, the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors, and vision. 

The Local Churches tab allows you to see the worship opportunities and church ministry intern options with which our students have had positive experiences.

Community- YFS faculty models how to build relationships with and invest in one’s disciples, spending time with students beyond the classroom setting. We have an annual Department retreat, monthly meetings and 2 annual retreats with a Student Leadership Team (who are responsible to mentor new YFS students and organize spiritual and social gatherings).  In addition to the department retreat, we have an annual Christmas Party, Spring BBQ, and at least 1 game night. Last Spring our Leadership Team organized our YFS students and led an outreach event to share the gospel with Nyack community teenagers at the local YMCA.

Affiliations-The Youth & Family Studies Department within the CBCM of Nyack College in Nyack, New York, has affiliated relationships with both Child Evangelism Fellowship and Young Life. Students coming out of High School Young Life programs have scholarship money available to them to attend NyackCollege. 

Some courses are specially designed to assist students who want CEF Training or who wish to continue a relationship with Young Life. 

We are also currently in the process of organizing a city-ministry relationship with Youth for Christ for YFS program students at the Manhattan campus.

Student Testimonial

"Studying Youth Ministry at Nyack College was one of the best decisions I could have made. The skills, knowledge, and practical experiences I acquired during my time at Nyack are tools I have used, and will continue to use, in my personal and professional ministry. Words can't describe how much God used the faculty, staff, and students to change my life and prepare me for "full time" ministry."

Tyler Sant (’12), Youth Pastor
Fulton Alliance Church, Fulton, NY