Nyack College Writing Center: Links for Students

  1. http://nyack.edu/library/page/NoodleTool
    • Noodlebib: Bibliography citation tool (accessed through the Nyack College Website)
  2. http://nyack.edu/library/page/EvaluatingResources
    • Evaluation resources (access through the Nyack College website)
  3. http://dianahacker.com/resdoc
    • Research and documentation online
    • Student and Instructor resources available but need log-in information
  1. http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/successfulwriting3e/default.asp
    • Website for textbook, College Writing by McWharter
    • Exercises on reading graphic organizers, learning style inventory, evaluating sentences, and grammar
    • Registration necessary but free
  2. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/