Nyack College Writing Center


Hours of Operation

Mon-Thurs 11AM-12AM
Friday 11AM-5PM
Saturday 1PM-5PM
Closed Sunday

The Nyack College Writing Center is located in the North Campus Faculty Office Building (located above the Bailey Library)
The Scriptorium (Graduate Writing Center) is located in the library at ATS

Mission Statement

Our desire is to see all students develop and thrive as writers, whether they are on the undergraduate or graduate level.

  • We encourage students to engage in all stages of writing and pre-writing
  • We offer support and tutelage across all disciplines and genres
  • We help facilitate students’ own efforts and processes, empowering them to take full command of their own writing
  • We evaluate each student individually to determine the best means of instruction and support

To that end, the Writing Center works in partnership with the College and Seminary faculty, serving as a supplemental resource available to all students in order that they might succeed as writers.

Contact Us

Director of the Writing Center: 845-675-4441
Assistant to the Director: 845-675-4442
Writing Center Coordinator: 845-675-4443
Writing Center Consultant Desk: Extension 7153 *Only if calling from a campus phone. Please do NOT call 845-675-7153, as this is a private residence. You may also dial the campus number (845-358-1710) followed by extension 7153.
Email: thewritingcenter@nyack.edu

Our Philosophy

Educators in the Writing and Research Services of the ASWRC adopt a philosophy that encourages a collaboration of a student’s effort and the acceptance of God’s grace in all things.  Writing and Research Consultants do not write papers for students but, instead, act as guides through the writing and research process.  Each student is individually evaluated to determine the best means of support through which the Consultant may assist in the natural development of initial ideas, intermediate work and, eventually, a finished product.