Why Nyack Online?


From its beginning in 1882, Nyack College’s mission has been to prepare students to make a positive difference through their career. Nyack is a partner in innovative nationwide initiatives to help employees of participating companies achieve this goal debt free. Through these innovative programs, Nyack creates an environment for growth—for both career and character development.  Nyack graduates are ready to use their Nyack education to help improve their community, company, or country.

Intentionally Diverse

Since 1997, nearly every major council or commission on higher education has issued a statement calling for colleges and universities to take specific action to become more diverse. Nyack is recognized as a leading U.S. college for diversity. To teach diversity, Nyack’s curriculum includes a World Religions course that studies cultural, historical, and philosophical aspects of non-Christian religions and Christianity. This type of course is a standard at many universities.

Community Learning

We foster a learning community among our Online students. We encourage you to interact in your online classes to promote a supportive learning environment among your classmates. Learning communities facilitate the building of meaningful and long-lasting relationships that empower you to stay the course through graduation.

Job Preparation

Our degree programs help prepare you for your next job – whether that involves a career change or a promotion. You'll find Nyack graduates making a difference in large and small organizations around the globe.


Online degree programs allow you to study when and where you want.  They are the perfect way to further your education without disrupting your already packed schedule.

2018-2019 Calendar        
  Start End Add/Drop Last day to drop End
with WD
Fall 1 2018 (OLA) 9/5/18 Wed. 9/12/18 Wed. 10/11/18 Thurs. 10/24/18 Wed.
Fall 2 2018 (OLB) 10/29/18 Mon. 11/5/18 Mon. 12/4/18 Tues. 12/17/18 Mon.
Spring 1 2019 (OLA) 1/23/19 Wed. 1/30/19 Wed. 2/28/19 Thurs. 3/13/19 Wed.
Spring 2 2019 (OLB) 3/18/19 Mon. 3/25/19 Mon. 4/23/19 Tues. 5/6/19 Mon.
Summer 1 2019 (OLA) 5/13/19 Mon. 5/20/19 Mon. 6/18/19 Tues. 7/1/19 Mon.
Summer 2 2019 (OLB) 7/8/19 Mon. 7/15/19 Mon. 8/13/19 Tues. 8/26/19 Mon.
Program Guides (PDF)

Business Administration - A.S.      Liberal Arts & Sciences - A.A.