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Over one hundred and thirty years ago, God ignited an overwhelming love for people of every race and tongue in the heart of a Canadian named A.B. Simpson.  In those days, Simpson was pastor of a large and affluent church in Manhattan.  In response to what God was doing in his own life, Simpson urged his congregants to reach out to the immigrants who were pouring into the city.  He even went so far as to bring the poor and the downtrodden into his church.  When he began to do this, many in the church were less than pleased.

So in a Sunday morning sermon in 1882, Simpson declared, “I am not interested in being a respectable Christian.” He left the church and began a new venture in which his burning desire to serve all people could be satisfied.  He left his church to start a school in which people would be trained to take the Good News of God’s love wherever this news needed to be heard. 

That school today is known as Nyack College. 

Since its inception on the back of a Broadway stage in 1882, Nyack College has grown to become an institution of over 2,500 students pursuing a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees on multiple campuses.  At the heart of it all, is a burning commitment to bring the good news of God’s love wherever this news needed to be heard. 

A.B. Simpson described this commitment as taking “the whole gospel” to “the whole world.”  Today, as Nyack College serves students who represent “the whole world,” the result is a diverse and vibrant community unlike any other in higher education.

I could tell you more – much more.  But perhaps it will be even better if I show you what the vision and passion of Dr. A.B Simpson looks like in the lives of our students today.

NYACK's Core Values

Nyack seeks to exalt Jesus Christ and fulfill its mission by being:

Our Mission

Nyack College, a Christian and Missionary Alliance educational institution, through its undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs, pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to "take the whole Gospel to the whole world."

Why Nyack Gives Me Hope

By Anne Snyder

Anne Snyder is Director of the Character Initiative, The Philanthropy Roundtable, and has worked for the Op-Ed department of The New York Times in Washington DC.