Watchmen Queens


The purpose of the Queens Watchmen team is to impact the youth of New Life Fellowship Church in a creative, artistic, multicultural, dynamic form that will ultimately encourage the youth in their community to help in the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Queens Watchmen Snapshot

There was this one kid, who is going to remain nameless.  He came to us with an open heart, but was kind of shy to start talking to newcomers.  After a few more visits to the church, he seemed to be more comfortable with us, and allowed us to get closer to him.  He started sharing what was going on in his life.  His father left, his mom passed away, he lives with his stepfather and he’s an only child.  He let us pray for him.  We prayed that the emotional and physical abuse he had been subject to would begin to heal and that his stepfather would find the Lord.  We told him God can help you with that and little by little he has been letting God in.  He doesn’t come to church too often, but when he does it seems like he is doing so much better because he is starting to find joy in his life.

--Danny Cortes, Queens Team Leader