Watchmen Brooklyn



The Brooklyn Watchmen team is a team of 13 strong Nyack students in partnership with Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. Starting this fall, the team will be volunteering with a Saturday Morning Sunday School, where they will be teaching the children and playing activities with them.

The Brooklyn Watchmen team has the opportunity to do this program in a local community building where The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church is currently working!

Brooklyn Watchmen Snapshot


My most memorable moment this year was ministering to the children near Sunset Park who looked for us every Saturday! They are full of life and joy that is contagious because you cannot help but get excited when you step into the park and they yell for you!

I have to say though one of the boys our team has ministered to for over five years is probably the biggest joy to our team. He has been there the whole time, and it is always amazing to bring him to the college campus and let him get away from the craziness of the city.  It is going to be hard to say goodbye to the park but welcome the new opportunity God has for us to work with Brooklyn Tabernacle church.

-Sheena Abraham, Team Leader