The Writing Center (NYC Campus)


The Writing Center is a free service available to all Nyack students. Our tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who are specially trained to assist all levels of Nyack students to revise their papers and in the process, become more effective, confident writers. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Writing Center is to offer support facilities that would encourage students to pursue higher education with excellence, to strengthen, enhance, and master their writing skills, to achieve greater success, and therefore foster higher student retention.

Our Philosophy

The Writing Center team embraces collaboration among writing tutors and between writing tutors and students. Consequently, writing tutors are encouraged to consider the writer and not only the writing. Writing tutors do not write the papers; rather, they assist students with the revision of their papers. In some instances, as is necessary, writing tutors also assist students through the writing process: they help with generating ideas, planning, organizing, drafting, and the final revision. Students who bring their papers are guided to play an active role in the revision process. As a result, they are led to feel much valued for their vital participation.

Student Testimonials

Any student who has come to the writing center knows what a tremendous blessing it has been  for us….I personally have benefited in multiple ways by interacting with tutors…and they have helped expand my understanding of the English Language. I must emphasize that the warmth, respect, patience, and friendly approach of [writing] tutors have created an atmosphere of comfort, which is essential to the learning process… “Thank you” for all that you have done for me, and thanks to Nyack College for making this service available to students (H.A. 2008)

There was always someone available to assist me… that I was able to turn in work that awarded me A’s and B’s, something I would not have thought possible because I had not done writing in a very long time… Again , let me thank you all for the outstanding help I received (T.B. 2006)