Request a Tutoring Workshop


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What is "Request a Tutoring Workshop?" 

·  It is an online platform where faculty can request for a representative from the Tutoring Center to share a short 10-15 minutes presentation on the tutoring services during their class time. 

How does it work?

·  A tab will be made available on the Tutoring Services webpage, which is located within the Division of Student Success webpage on the Nyack College website. 

·  You will be asked to select a date and time for the workshop. 

·  A direct link will also be sent via email to Faculty reminding them that they can "Request a Tutoring Workshop." (That link is included below this email)

Why is this important?

·  Many first-time students are not aware that the Tutor Center exists.

·  Data collected from the Tutoring Center reveals a pattern among students requesting tutoring. Request from students tend to occur at the very beginning of the semester, and at the very end of the semester (near finals week). 

·  Students tend to seek support when they are failing. 

·  The goal of these Tutoring Workshops is to attempt to change the mindset of students by helping them understand that tutoring support can be provided to them before they are in poor academic standing within their courses.