Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary continue to be blessed by the faithful support of our extended family. Alumni, parents, employees, and friends are joined by churches, corporations, and foundations in continuing the success of this storied institution.

Through the loyalty and generosity of these dedicated supporters, we are able to produce a growing army of graduates who are equipped and empowered to be effective agents of change wherever God calls them to serve—around the corner; across the country; among the nations of the world.

With gratitude and appreciation, we recognize the following donors who supported Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

Miss Rose-Marie Armstrong
Dr. Barbara Austin-Lucas
Ms. F. Ruth Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Baynes
Dr. and Mrs. Rexford A. Boda
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bohn
Mrs. Eunice B. Brewer
Mr. Josue Calderon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Carlblom
Mrs. Marilyn G. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry B. Cash
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Chapin
Rev. and Mrs. Cornelius W. Clarke
Miss Florabelle Cobaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dalene
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Dantas
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Daves
Dr. James A. Davey
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Denyer
Dr. and Mrs. Rockwell L. Dillaman
Mrs. Mildred Dotter
Mrs. Marilyn D. Eastman
Ms. Penny W. Foland
Mr. and Mrs. William Freeman
Mr. Douglas and Dr. Helen Gettle
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Glenn
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hammond
Dr. and Mrs. Dion T. Harrigan
Capt. and Mrs. Drew Holt
Dr. Antony T. Jaston
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Jennings
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Kageler
Dr. Marie Herseth Kenote
Rev. and Mrs. Dean F. King
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Knefley
Mr. John R. Koch
Dr. and Mrs. Tzuo-Yan Lee
Mr. Joseph D. Lee
Dr. Leo Li and Dr. Tammy K. Lum
Dr. Zhendong Liu and Dr. Zhengfeng Lu
Mr. Dennis and Dr. JoAnn Looney
Dr. Stephen M. Maret
Mr. and Mrs. James Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McClure
Rev. and Mrs. Paul S. McKean
Dr. and Mrs. Russell R. McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Miller
Mr. Lesly and Dr. Carole Milord
Dr. and Mrs. In Hak Moon
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Muckell
Dr. David F. Turk and Dr. Vara S. Neverow
Mrs. Virginia Ng
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Parsels
Drs. Richard and Eleanor Pease
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Pease, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Quinn
Mr. Miles J. Reese
Rev. and Mrs. Charles S. Rigby
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Riggs
Mr. Luis and Dr. Carol Robles
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Safer
Mr. Antonio Salva
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Scales
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Scales
Dr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Schepens
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce M. Sexton
Ms. Barbara A. Shiffer
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Stebbins
Mr. Paul and Dr. Lisa Steiner
Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Thompson, Jr.
Mr. and Dr. Eustace Tonge
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turner
Ms. Bonnie L. VanOrnum
Mrs. Jane Votava
Dr. Ronald and Dr. Wanda Walborn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Wellman
Rev. and Mrs. Harold E. Werley
Dr. and Mrs. Duane A. Wheeland
Anonymous Donor
Mr. David Abba
Mr. Ghiath Abdallah and Dr. Amy F. Davis Abdallah
Ms. Alexis A Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton L. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Adams
Ms. Quinetta Adderley
Dr. and Mrs. David S. Ahn
Rev. and Mrs. James R. Albright
Mr. Douglas G. Alford
Dr. Paul L. Alford
Mr. Emmanuel Adrian Ali
Ms. Jill Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R Allen
Mr. Ralph W. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Alvarez
Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Alvarez
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Alwine
Mr. M. Juri Ammari
Mr. Christian Anarfi
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Anderson
Rev. Donald E. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Anderson
Mrs. Eulalee Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Rockne S. Anderson
Rev. and Mrs. Douglas R. Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. John R Anthony
Mr. John J. Aragon
Mr. Andrew M. Aran
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Mark J. Armstrong
Ms. Onda M. Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. Arnold
Mr. Paul C. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Asay
Ms. Nancy Au
Mrs. Frances M. Auguston
Mr. Jeffrey Aumend
Mr. Aubrey Austin
Mr. Dean W. Avdoulos
Ms. Wilhelmina Avena
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Baddol
Mr. Daniel T. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. David Bailey
Mr. Lorenzo N. Bailey
Mrs. June R. Bainer
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Baldes
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ball
Rev. David M. Ballou
Mrs. Doloris Bandy-Biddulph
Mr. Satender Bansal
Mr. and Mrs. Alan John Barajikian
Mr. Christopher Barker
Rev. Richard J. Barker
Mrs. Elsie M. Barney
Mrs. Patricia Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Barringer, Jr.
Mr. Michael S. Barth
Ms. Jeannie M. Basenese
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Bassler
Mr. Norman A. Baxter
Ms. Carmen Baylock
Rev. and Mrs. David M. Baynes
Mr. Paul Bazikian
Ms. Tamara M. Bearden
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Beatty
Mr. Duane M. Beavan
Rev. Paul E. Beavers, Sr.
Rev. Howard W. Bedell
Mr. George Bedigian
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce R. Beers
Mr. Donn E. Belfield
Rev. and Mrs. Kevin J. Bellinger
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Benedict
Mrs. Kathy Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Benn
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Berg
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Berkner
Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Bertka
Mrs. Patricia C. H. Berton
Mr. Jose D. Bido Lopez
Mrs. A. Jean Bigelow
Mr. Dean E. Biggins
Mr. Elie Bijou
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bil
Mr. Robert A. Billings
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Bird
Mrs. Nada L. Bisbee
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Bischoping
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Black
Rev. and Mrs. Paul E. Blackwood
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Blankemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bloomquist
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Boda
Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Boese
Mrs. Ann Bogert
Mr. and Mrs. Chester H. Bolen
Rev. and Mrs. Angel C. Bonilla
Ms. Deborah Bonilla
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Boon
Rev. and Mrs. J. Edward Boon
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Boronow
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Bosis
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Boston
Mrs. Naomi Bostrom
Ms. Eleanor Bower
Ms. Mary L. Bower
Mr. Lowell Bowers
Ms. Marilyn Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Loren D. Boydstun
Mrs. Lena M. Boyer
Ms. Nancy J. Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Boyes
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Glenn Brackmann
Ms. AnnaRose Braden
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt W. Branch, Jr.
Rev. W. Paul Braun
Rev. and Mrs. Nelson Jefferson Brewster
Mr. John D. Brink
Mrs. Elizabeth Brock
Ms. Elinor E. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Brosz
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Brown
Dr. Calvin Lamar Brown
Rev. Harry W. Brown, Jr.
Mr. Myron M. Brown
Mr. Willy J. Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Brust
Mr. Edson Brutus
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bryant, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Bryson
Mrs. E. Deloris Bubna
Mr. John K. Bucher, Jr.
Mrs. Faith Buchino
Ms. L. Jane Buckley
Dr. Christine M. Buel
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Bullers
Mrs. Johnsie M. Burchfield
Mr. and Mrs. Miles T. Burd
Ms. Eleanor L. Burleson
Ms. Kristen B. Burleson
Mrs. Lorraine H. Burton
Ms. Marion A. Bush
Ms. Kimberly Bussey
Mrs. Myrtle E. Buyce
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Byers
Mr. R. Charles Byram
Pastor and Mrs. Morton G. Cain
Mr. Richard Calcaterra
Ms. Leola Callender
Rev. and Mrs. Philip N. Carl
Dr. and Mrs. Luis A. Carlo
Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Cass, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Timothy Cassel
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Castel
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dean Castelli
Ms. Anna L. Castner Wightman
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Cathey
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Celaya
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Celley
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Chambers
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Chan
Mr. TeShun Chan
Mr. Tze-Liang Chen
Dr. Jun Ren and Mrs. Yu-Chen Cheng
Mr. James Childs
Mrs. Jenny Chin
Mrs. Geraldine B. Chisholm
Ms. Stephanie R. Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Danny I. Chu
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo G. Cid
Mrs. Diane M. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Clayton
Mr. Thomas Clemishaw
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Clerico
Rev. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Climie
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cline
Dr. Arlene W. Clinkscale
Mrs. Melverne Coates
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Cockfield
Mr. John Coleman
Ms. Leslie Colon
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Confer
Rev. and Mrs. Douglas G. Conley
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Conrad
Rev. and Mrs. David C. Constance
Ms. Josephine Conty
Ms. Erika T. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cooper
Rev. and Mrs. William G. Copp
Mr. and Mrs. Selbert Corbin
Ms. Barbara Corigliano
Mr. Noel Corrales
Ms. Sylvie Courchesne
Mr. Franklin Cox
Mr. David D. Crane
Mr. Murvil R. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Alton Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cress
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Crowder, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Crutch
Rev. Getulio Cruz
Mr. Victor A. Cruz
Mrs. Carmen Cruz Ayala
Mr. Omar A Cruz Torres
Ms. Camille Cruzado
Dr. and Mrs. Elio Cuccaro
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison G. Cunningham, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. John N. Cutts
Ms. Rachel Cypress
Mrs. Joanna D'Addario
Ms. Elizabeth Dahlberg-Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Damron
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Darling
Mrs. Marjorie D. Daverman
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Davie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Davis
Rev. and Mrs. Clyde L. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Neal L. Dawes
Ms. Melanie D. De Gardnuer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Deasy, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. DeCaro, Jr.
Mrs. Joann Decker
Mr. Andrew W Dees
Mr. Gabriel Deiaco-Lohr
Ms. Claire DeJoseph
Mr. and Mrs. Jack DeLany
Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter DeLisser
Mr. Thomas P. Della Torre
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Derr
Mr. Frank John Desantis
Ms. Denise M. Desrouilleres
Ms. Edith A. Diffenderfer
Mrs. Constance L. Dillon
Ms. Sally J. Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Agamemnon Dimitriadis
Mr. Samuel M. Dittmar
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Dodgen
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Donworth
Miss Barbara Elaine Doran
Mr. Barry J. Dorfman
Ms. Cynthia D. Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Dost
Mr. Timothy R Doty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doyle
Rev. and Mrs. Donald D. Draggoo
Mr. Bruce R. Dreisbach
Mrs. Carol Dresselaers
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Drury
Mrs. Renee Duffelmeyer
Rev. and Mrs. Dennis D. Durant
Mr. and Mrs. Serge Duss
Mr. Charles Eapen
Mr. Gerald E Eccleston
Rev. Carl E. Eckdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Eckes
Rev. and Mrs. Gerald C. Eddy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Eddy
The Lord and Lady Edmiston
Ms. Alice M. Effland
Mrs. Dorothy R. Ellenberger
Rev. and Mrs. Paul R. Ellenberger
Rev. and Mrs. Robert W. Ellenberger
Mrs. Alice T. Elliott
Mrs. Sharon R. Ellison
Ms. Dolly Elwood and Mr. James Allen
Dr. and Mrs. David Emanuel
Mrs. Dorothy Emary
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Emerson
Mr. Clifford and Dr. Elaine Eng
Prof. Henry Eng
Mrs. Lois J. Engle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Englund
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Enneper
Rev. and Mrs. H. Wayne Eppehimer
Ms. Synethia Epps
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Eriksen
Mrs. Barbara M. Ettinger
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Claucine W. Evans
Miss Helen E. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Evans
Mr. Paul F. Evans
Rev. and Mrs. Mark L. Faler
Ms. Rudene Faloye
Dr. Janice Fareed-Hardy
Mrs. Nadine Kuster Farrell
Mrs. Joanne Faust-Batdorff
Ms. Paulette Fedorisko
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Fikes
Mr. Orlando R Findlayter
Mr. Gerald Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Fisher
Rev. and Mrs. John J. Fisher
Rev. and Mrs. Rick K. Fisk
Rev. and Mrs. John A. Fitzstevens
Mr. Frank T Fraley
Ms. Martha Frankenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Franz
Ms. Darlene J. Frederickson
Ms. Helen M. Frey
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Fritz
Ms. Alison G. Fung
Ms. Po Yee Fung
Ms. Barbara Lucas Funk
Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Furniss
Ms. Bettie Futrell
Mr. Daniel N. Futrell
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Futrell
Ms. Betty Lou Gabler
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gabler
Ms. Patricia Gabrielson
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gainer
Mr. Frederick Buhl and Mrs. Dragana Gaisi-Buhl
Mrs. Esther Gajtkowski
Rev. and Mrs. Charles O. Galbreath
Mr. Eric T. Galbreath
Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul Garcia
Rev. and Mrs. Garry Gardner
Drs. William and Donna Gardner
Mr. Gunny Garfoot
Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Garwood
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Gathany
Mrs. Harriet Gawrilowicz
Ms. Janice M. George
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gettman
Mrs. Ruth Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilman
Rev. and Mrs. Wesley N. Glass, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy H. Glass
Mr. Jac Gnirrep
Mrs. Lois Godwin
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Goodrich
Mr. Joseph D Goodwin
Mr. Leacroft Ennis and Mrs. Carlene Gordon-Ennis
Rev. and Mrs. John R. Gorsuch
Mr. John P. Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Grace
Rev. H. Russell Graf
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Graham
Mrs. Susan R. Grande
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Grant
Mrs. Paul S Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gregg
Mr. Donald Griffith
Rev. and Mrs. W. Henry Grosh
Mr. Berj Gulleyan
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gummo
Mrs. Lois B. Gunderson
Ms. Martha Guzman
Mr. and Mrs. Kwang Ha
Mr. Fredrick Haas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Haddad
Mrs. Shirley J. Hahn
Ms. Rima Haidary
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Hain
Ms. Joy Maxine Hall
Ms. Joyce L. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lee Hall
Mrs. Leonie H. Hall
Ms. Carol Anene Halvorsen
Mrs. Harriet Hammond
Mr. Zhiyong-Jerry Shi and Mrs. Mei Han
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hanson
Miss Judith Harding
Rev. and Mrs. William N. Harper
Mrs. Marion F. Harr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrison
Mr. William J. Harrod
Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Harshman
Mrs. Janet Hart
Dr. and Dr. F. Thomas Hartl
Mrs. June Hartloff
Mrs. Thelma M. Haslett
Mrs. Ruth L Hauenstein
Mr. and Mrs. John Haynes
Rev. Alfred Lee Hearn
Rev. and Mrs. James V. Hedger
Mr. John Joseph Hein
Mrs. Lillian H. Heise
Mr. R. William Hekeler
Rev. and Mrs. Paul Edward Helwig
Mr. Michael Hemeon
Mrs. Fanita Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Henk
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J Henning
Ms. Dorothy E. Henry
Ms. Joanny C Hernandez
Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. Herritt
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrad J. Hertzler
Mr. and Mrs. Brad N. Hess, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. R. Bruce Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Hickey
Rev. and Mrs. John C Hickok
Mrs. Jean Hicks
Rev. Stanley R. Hiers
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Higgins
Mrs. Ann Hill
Ms. Janice M. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Hillesland
Mrs. Gertrude M. Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Brent D. J. Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Hoffman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Holland
Mr. Scott David Holley
Mr. Kenneth Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Holodynsky
Mr. and Mrs. Earle H. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hoobler
Mrs. Maritza Horsham
Mrs. Erma Hostetler
Ms. Dorothy M. Hostetter
Mrs. Lois Houston
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. David Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Howard
Dr. Marion B. Howe
Mrs. Carol I. Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Hubbart
Rev. and Mrs. Burton F. Huegel
Mrs. Joan C. Huhta
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Hurd
Pastor and Mrs. Burton D. Huth
Dr. and Mrs. David K. Huttar
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hutton
Mr. Minyoung Lee and Dr. Inseon Hwang
Ms. Karina Iber
Rev. and Mrs. George A. Imhoff
Mrs. Mary Irby
Dr. Maurice R. Irvin, Ph.D.
Mr. Ronald Jackman, II
Mr. Brian D. Jacks
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce A. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun J. Jacobs-Patterson
Miss Betty Lou James
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. E. Harold Jansen
Pastor and Mrs. William E. Jasko
Mr. William Jedlicka
Mr. Steven B. Jenks
Mrs. Barbara J. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Jennings
Miss Hannah Marie Jennings
Ms. Marilyn R. Johansson
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell T. Johnson
Ms. Debra A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W. Johnson
Ms. Lenora E. Johnson
Rev. Myron D. Johnson
Ms. Pauline L. Johnson
Mrs. Phyllis B. Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. Richard H. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold K. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Jones
Mrs. Daphne Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jones
Mr. Joseph E. Joubert
Rev. and Mrs. Ronald H. Julian, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Julian
Mr. Chris Kahl
Mr. and Mrs. David Kahl
Mr. Ernest A. Kahl
Mrs. Louise R. Karl
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kaufmann
Miss Joyce E. Kaufmann
Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Keeler
Ms. Elizabeth Victoria Kelly
Mr. Peter D. Kenote
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Kesselring
Mr. Robert A. Kessler, Jr.
Mrs. Wilma J. Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle L. Kilmore
Ms. Caroline Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Ryu Kim
Dr. and Mrs. Dong Su Kim
Mr. Edwin Kim
Mr. Kevin N. Kim
Mrs. Margaret J. Kimpel
Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Kincaid
Rev. and Mrs. David J. King
Ms. Olive Kingsbury
Dr. Henry P. Kirk, III
Rev. and Mrs. William F. Kissell
Dr. Patricia Kissell
Mr. Kenichi Kitamura
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Kline
Mr. Earl L. Klunzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Knowlton
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Kochis
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Koehnen
Mr. and Mrs. Matt T. Kokkonen
Rev. and Mrs. Richard W. Koskela
Mrs. Bernadette Kowalchuk
Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Krajacic
Mr. and Mrs. Ronn B. Kreps
Mr. and Mrs. David Kroning
Mrs. Hermina Krucke
Ms. Nancy Krzemienski
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Kucharsky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Kuiken
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kunsman
Mr. and Mrs. James C. LaBarbera
Mr. Charles Spurgeon Lady
Mrs. Delores Laetz
Ms. Annette N. Laffosse
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tat Lam
Mrs. Kathryn Land
Miss Patricia A. Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Landis
Mr. Richard Lando
Ms. Shirley J. Lane
Mr. John Lang and Dr. Damaris-Lois Lang
Mr. Michael Paul Langston
Dr. and Mrs. Bill W. Lanpher
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Lanpher
Ms. Dorothy F. Large
Rev. Gordon F. Larson
Ms. Lily Lau
Mrs. Marna L. Lauterwasser
Ms. Rebekah M. Lawler
Mrs. Anna D. Lawton
Ms. May B. Leavenworth
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Leazer
Ms. Jessica Leclere
Mr. and Mrs. Conway Lee
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee
Dr. Mark W. Lee, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Leeper
Mrs. Jeanne E. Leghorn
Mrs. Silvia Moretti Leiper
Ms. Stephanie K Leone
Mrs. Laura Anne Leslie
Mr. Philip A. Leung
Ms. Margaret R. Lewis
Mr. Robert Kaita and Mrs. Chiu-Tze Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lindsay
Mrs. Betty Sue Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Lindsey
Mr. and Dr. Richard C. Lindsey
Ms. Barbara Lingner
Ms. Rose Liu
Mr. and Dr. Biao Liu
Mr. Sven-Goran Delmar Ljungholm
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn L. Lloyd
Chaplain Robert G. Lokkesmoe
Mr. Arthur E. Lomax
Mrs. Corine L. Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Long
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Harry Long
Ms. Melissa E. Longley
Ms. Elisabeth J. I. Louie
Mr. and Mrs. Chad K. Love
Mrs. Monique Tricia Ann Love
Mrs. Olivia S. Lowrance
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lui
Ms. Elizabeth Lum
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Lundblad
Dr. Elaine M. Lux
Mr. Raymond K. Lyau
Ms. Wilhelmina Lydon
Mr. and Mrs. John You-Wang Ma
Mrs. Freda MacEachern
Mr. and Mrs. R. Russell Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Magnuson
Mrs. Joan A. Mallory
Dr. and Mrs. R. Harold Mangham, Sr.
Mrs. Karen L. Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Mapstone
Ms. Donna F. Maranto
Ms. Bernadette Margot
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marshall
Rev. and Mrs. Raymond L. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Martig
Mr. Arthur Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Martin
Mr. Miguel Martinez
Mr. Kenneth E. Mascaro
Dr. Stephen and Dr. Debra Mascaro
Mrs. June D. Maserang
Ms. Pamela Mathiason
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Matthew
Mrs. Nancy J. Matthews
Ms. Shanea L. Matthews
Rev. and Mrs. Charles W. Mauren, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich C. Maurer, III
Ms. Dorothy J. McBride
Ms. Ann M. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. McClun
Mrs. Mary A McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. McConahy
Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. McCracken
Dr. and Mrs. Howard E. McFarland
Mr. Gerard P. McGale
Mr. Patrick McGinley
Mr. David T. McIntire
Mr. and Mrs. James McKenna
Ms. Ellen W. McLaughlin
Rev. and Mrs. John R. McMannus
Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. McMillen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. McNeill
Mrs. Althea Lucas McPherson
Ms. Linda M. Meakim
Ms. Rebecca L. Means
Dr. Debra L. Mecky
Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Meiners
Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Mellema
Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Mellema
Mr. Raymond S. Mercado
Ms. Lorraine Mercurius
Rev. and Mrs. Eric G. Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eric Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt T. Michaelson
Mrs. Arlene Miller
Ms. Carolyn J. Miller
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller
Rev. and Mrs. George L Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Les S. Robinson Miller
Rev. and Mrs. Lowell E. Miller
Mr. Bryan Martin Mills
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Miskelly
Mrs. Diana L. Mitchell
Rev. and Mrs. Donald E. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Trenton T. Mitchell
Mr. Misael Mojica
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mojica
Mrs. Carmen Moore
Ms. Costonia B Moore
Mrs. Karyn P. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Moore
Mr. William D. Moore
Mr. Dale Morales
Ms. Yolanda Morgan
Mrs. Lillian Morley
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Morrison
Ms. Maxine Munhall
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Murner
Mr. Joseph F Murphy
Mr. Toni Mutschler
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Myers
Ms. Janice Myers
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Myers
Mr. David I. Nation
Mr. Dennis L. Nawrocki
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Nawyn
Mr. Walter Naylor
Mr. and Mrs. Justice Ndewere
Mrs. Lois Nelsen
Mrs. Naomi C. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nemeth
Ms. Jeanna R. Newcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ng
Dr. and Mrs. Thuan Si Nguyen
Dr. Louise D. Nielsen
Mr. Edwin Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. Parker A. Nilsen
Dr. and Mrs. Donal E. Nilsson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Nitchman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. North, III
Dr. and Mrs. R. Steven Notley
Rev. and Ms. Michael P. O'Connor
Dr. Lyndell O'Hara
Pastor Michael O. Oladubu
Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Olson
Ms. Susan M. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ong
Mr. Kazuyoshi Onishi
Ms. Priscilla R. Ortlip
Ms. Jennifer Osbourne
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. O'Sullivan
Rev. and Mrs. Gerald E. Otis
Mr. Michael C. Otto
Mrs. Debra Paine
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Paisley
Ms. Caren Pane
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent David Pane
Mrs. Idella Paradiso
Mr. Christian Parker
Mr. George C. Parrish
Mr. Robert W. Parsons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Partin
Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Partin, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth W. Partridge
Mr. Fredy S. Patino
Rev. and Mrs. William C. Payne
Mr. Clifford L. Peace
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Peake
Mrs. Marie Peers
Mrs. Monica Peng
Mr. Albert Perkins
Mrs. Anna Marie M. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Peters
Ms. Karen Rose Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Brett D. Peterson
Ms. Natasha A. Pettigrew
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas V Pfeister
Mrs. Nellie I. Phillips
Ms. Helene J. Pier
Mrs. Marsha Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Douglas Pierce
Mrs. June Pietrykowski
Ms. Barbara Ann Pigott
Mrs. Etta R. Pippi
Mr. Chris Pixler
Rev. and Mrs. David A. Pletincks
Ms. Hannah Rose Plock
Rev. and Mrs. James D. Plumb
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Plunket
Rev. and Mrs. Wayne L. Plyler
Mrs. Darleen K. Poelman
Mrs. Eleanor L. Polyblank
Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Poston
Ms. Jannie L. Poullard
Mrs. Audrey Hinkson Powell
Mrs. Kathleen S Pra
Dr. Frances E. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Pratts
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Paul Pressler
Dr. Dennis L. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Pringle
Ms. Vanessa L. Quashie
Mrs. Beatrice I. Rakestraw
Mrs. Patricia J. Rambo
Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Ramdhan
Dr. Sandra Kay Ranney
Miss Vera L. Rath
Mrs. Barbara Elise Rathbun
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rathe
Ms. Mischelle Rau
Mrs. Miriam J. Read
Ms. Cynthia A. Reeder
Miss E. Lorraine Regnier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Reilly
Mrs. Dorothy M. Reitsma
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Reves
Rev. and Mrs. Martin James Reynhout
Mrs. Raquel C. Reynoso
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Rhodes
Rev. and Mrs. James M. Riccitelli
Mrs. Dorothy L. Ritter
Rev. Max B. Rittgers
Ms. Inez Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rivera
Mr. Charles W. Robie
Miss Jane A. Robson
Mr. Eric Mcbride Roe
Ms. Gail Roe
Mrs. Karen M. Rogers
Rev. and Mrs. Mark Rohrbaugh
Rev. Dr. Aida Rosa
Rabbi and Mrs. David H. Rosenberg
Rev. and Mrs. Emerson C. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Rouse
Rev. Joel D. Rudolph, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Ruegsegger
Mrs. Anne Tong Rufrano
Mrs. Alice M. Russell
Mr. Robert Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Pagan
Mr. and Mrs. James Safer
Mrs. Tawnya E. Safer
Mrs. Corrine Sahlberg
Ms. Ileana S. Salazar
Pastor and Mrs. John A. Saldanha
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Salt
Mrs. Osayuware Samuel-Olagunju
Mr. Arnold Samuelsen
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel A. Sanchez
Rev. and Mrs. Walter G. Sandell
Mr. Leonides Santos-Quinones
Mrs. Se Yun Sato
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Schade
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Schaefer
Mrs. Artel Scheid
Mr. and Mrs. H. Leonard Schick
Mrs. Clara Schlaegel
Mrs. Elinor Schmalstich
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Schmidt
Mrs. Helen Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Schnorr
Miss Bonnie Scholl
Ms. Susan C. Schreiner
Rev. Alan R. Schroepfer
Ms. Dorothy Schroepfer
Mr. James Schultz
Mr. Fred W. Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Lyall A. Schwarzkopf
Ms. Kathleen Scott-McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D Scrimgeour
Miss Agnes M. Seaman
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence O. Searing
Rev. and Mrs. Robert M. Searing, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joo H. Seet
Mrs. Erica Leigh Senecal
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shandrick
Ms. Helen M.Y. Shao
Ms. Sue E. Shaw
Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Arthur Shei
Dr. and Mrs. Harold P. Shelly
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Shepson
Mr. John C. Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Shuster
Mr. Greggory David Siemering
Ms. Annamma Simon
Mr. Babu and Dr. Elizabeth Simon
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sinkey
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smeal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith
Mr. Bobbie D. Smith
Rev. and Mrs. Jay M. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Terry W. Smith
Ms. Margaret E. Smith
Rev. and Mrs. Paul C. Smith
Miss Virginia E. Smotherman
Mr. and Mrs. Graham T. Snyder
Mr. Pyai M. Soe
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Solan
Ms. Allana Nicole Sosa
Mrs. Lillian I Soto Gonzalez
Mr. Youssef Soufiane
Mrs. Carol E. Southerland
Rev. and Mrs. George V. Spencer
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Spriggs
Rev. and Mrs. Herbert K. Spring
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Spring
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffrey Spurling, Sr.
Ms. Pauline M. Stafne
Ms. Ruth M. Stahl
Mr. Robert R. Stains, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. K. Brad Stamm
Mr. Richard R. Stanley
Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Steckel
Mrs. Rozanne M. Steinhoff
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Stevens
Mr. Kevin Still
Mr. Harry R. Stine
Mr. Edward M. Stowe
Ms. Ruth Marie Strubbe
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce C. Stutzman
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Suhu
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Swartzrock
Mrs. Mary J. Sweeting
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sze
Rev. Cora W. Taitt
Ms. Irma Tan
Mrs. Nancy Tanis
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tarreto
Ms. Claudia D. Taylor
Rev. and Mrs. David N. Teague
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Temple
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Terpstra
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Bryant
Mr. Pranob Thakur
Ms. Susan Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. W. David Thomas
Ms. Angela D. Thompson
Ms. Courteney Erica Thompson
Ms. Elaine Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Thompson
Dr. Leo S. Thorne
Mr. Frank M. Thurman
Mrs. Marion Tickner
Dr. and Mrs. Tite Tienou
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Titus
Ms. Esther May Titus
Mr. Cole Tobin
Rev. and Mrs. John Paul Todd
Ms. Karen Todd
Ms. Gizella Toth
Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Tracy
Ms. Marlene Travis
Mr. Michael George Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Tripp, Jr.
Mrs. Sandra S. Trisler
Mr. and Mrs. Pak Tse
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Turk
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Turnbull
Mrs. Sonya Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Uhlinger
Mr. Hideo Ui
Mrs. Annette Ulmes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Unkenholz
Ms. Aminta Valenzuela M.
Mr. Daniel L. Valle
Mrs. Anna Maria A. Van Diest
Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Van Tassell
Ms. Jane H. Velani
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Velez
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Venard
Ms. Jocelyne Vieux
Mr. Peeranut Visetsuth
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Visockis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Visti
Ms. Ruth L. Vogelmann
Mr. James W. Wagner
Chaplain and Mrs. Henry E. Wake
Ms. Heather M Wakeley
Ms. Faye A Waldren
Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. Rondell Walker
Rev. Arthur A. Warner
Ms. Jong M. Wasvary
Ms. Lillian G. Wasvary
Mrs. Millicent A. Waterman
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Watson
Dr. Deborah E. Watson
Mr. Robert W. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Way
Mrs. Christine Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Webster
Mrs. Janice S. Wegiel
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Weir
Mrs. Bessie F. Weise
Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson J. Weishaar
Rev. Richard H. Welkley
Rev. William C. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Westcott
Mrs. Dona Marlene Westergren
Rev. Stephen W. Westfall
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clair Westover
Mrs. Marylou Wheeler
Mr. Ronald G. Whipple
Ms. Michele White
Rev. Devona E. Wiederick
Mrs. Ellanor Wilburn
Mr. Fort and Dr. Barbara Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Wilkerson
Rev. and Mrs. Burton D. Wilkins
Mr. George Wilkinson
Mrs. Carol A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Cordell E. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Mick R. Williams
Mrs. Lucinda Williams
Mrs. Luana A. Williams
Mr. Rogelio Williams
Miss Thelma B Williams
Mrs. Charlynn Willis
Rev. and Mrs. Richard W. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wines
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Winley
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Winrow
Mrs. Jean G. Wollenschlager
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wolling
Mr. Peter Wood
Mrs. Elizabeth Woodcock
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Lee Woods
Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Woolard
Ms. Georgina Woolley
Ms. Joan A. Worrall
Dr. Janice Wright
Mr. Richard G. Wright
Miss Sandra L. Wright
Dr. Thomas W. Wright
Rev. and Mrs. Robert R. Wyllie
Mr. Ray R. Wynter
Mrs. Lizhen Yan
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yearsley
Dr. Rosalee C. Yeaworth
Mr. Peter Yee
Ms. Suk May Yei
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Yerger
Ms. Anna V. Yoo
Dr. and Mrs. Jinil Yoo
Mr. Young K Yoon
Mr. and Mrs. Allan G Young
Rev. and Mrs. O. Thomas Young
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C.K. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Young
Ms. Marlene E. Ytterboe
Ms. Hee Sun Yu
Dr. and Mrs. Keyone Kale Yu
Mrs. Roberta Zampolin
Mr. Roy F. Zehner
Rev. and Mrs. G. Louis Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Zeim
Ms. Melissa Ann Zell
Ms. Hui Zhu
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ziegler
Anonymous Donor
The Estate of Philip Peter Floros
The Estates of Lowell E. and Virginia G. Hatfield
The Estate of Luther H. Klatt
The Estate of Donald A. Miller
The Estate of Dr. David L. Rambo
The Estate of Nellie Smith
The Estates of D. DeWitt and Josephine D. Wasson
The Estate of Ritta N. Wheaton
Allen AME Church
Appleton Alliance Church
C&MA of Harrison Valley
Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey
Chinese Churches Association of the C&MA
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church
Clarendon Road Church of the C&MA
Derwood Alliance Church
Dundee Presbyterian Church Mariners
Eastern Pennsylvania District of the C&MA
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Grace Chinese Alliance Church
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Aramark Global Business Services
Arizona Attorney General's Office
AT&T Foundation
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland County, Inc.
BKD CPAs & Advisors
Brown Living Trust
Campbell Fire Protection, INC
Capitol Risk Management Services, Ltd.
Center for the Study of Ancient Judaism & Christian Origins
Christian Vision
Christine's on Canterbury
Coca Cola Refreshments
Comfort Inn & Suites - Nanuet
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Feria Family Restaurant, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First National Trust Company / F.N.B. Wealth Management
Gartner, Inc.
GE Foundation
Global Sub Enterprises Inc.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Head Start of Rockland, Inc.
Hogan's Nyack Inc.
Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, Inc.
IBM Matching Grants Program
Immanuel Child Care
Integrated Custom Audio Video
Interiors on Hudson, LLC
Lawrence Brown & Co.
Liberty Mutual
Magi Technologies, LLC
MassMutual Trust Company Charitable Giving Program
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Midtown Arts Common
Motorsports Unlimited Inc.
Mueller & Drury, P.C.
Our Space Family Mental Health Counseling PLLC
Outpost Marine Group LLC
Palancia Insurance
Pioneer College Caterers, Inc.
Promises Kept Companies, LLC
PRW Wealth Management, LLC
Putnam County Savings Bank
Rino Paving & Construction Inc.
RN Manufacturing
Rockland County YMCA
Rockland Independent Living Center
Rockland Tree Expert Co., Inc.
Sheep Of Christ Fellowship, Inc
Shell Point Retirement Community
Ski Sawmill Family Resort, Inc.
Standard Insurance Company
TDK Corporation of America
TDK U.S.A. Corporation
The Alliance Development Fund, Inc.
The Christian and Missionary Alliance
The Progressive Insurance Foundation
United States Plastic Corp.
United Way of Central New York
USI Insurance Services LLC
Verizon Foundation
Wellsprings Counseling Center, LLC
Blankemeyer Foundation
Dreams Foundation
Eastman Family Foundation, Inc.
Florida Baptist Foundation
InFaith Community Foundation
National Christian Foundation
New York Life Foundation
The M&T Charitable Foundation
The Mennonite Foundation, Inc.
The Orchard Foundation
The Rotary Club of Nyack Foundation Inc.
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
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