Dr. John F. Taylor Memorial Scholarship


​Dr. John F. Taylor, a Nyack College legend, devoted his life to the service of God and others. His commitment to higher education and the development of emerging leaders marks his legacy. Dr. Taylor received a diploma at Nyack Missionary College in 1943; a B.A. in 1945 from Wheaton College and an M.A. in 1947 from Wheaton Graduate School of Theology. His B.D. was earned at Southern Baptist Seminary and a Ph.D. was completed at New York University in 1966.

His profound impact on Nyack began when he was a student and continued as a faculty and staff member. Taylor held different positions on campus that include Dean of Men, Director of Publicity, Vice President of Public Affairs, and Executive Director of Nyack’s Alumni Association. Dr. Taylor taught classes such as Fundamentals of Speech, Bible Archaeology, European Civilizations, and Pastoral Epistles.

The Dr. John F. Taylor Memorial Scholarship was funded to honor his life. The scholarship is awarded to students preparing for full-time vocational ministry and to a

student with the vision to become a Christian business leader. Through his dedicated commitment to Nyack College, the works and good deeds of Dr. Taylor live on in the many lives that he touched.