Student Leadership Application


Personal Information

Applicant Name:
Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Primary Email:
Date of Birth:
Ethnicity (Requested for federal reporting but optional)
Choose one or more of the following:
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Leadership Information

Current Degree Program:
Credits Earned:
Cumulative GPA:
Please rank your desire to serve as a Resident Assistant:
Please rank your desire to serve with Student Activities:
Please rank your desire to serve as an Orientation Leader:

Personal Statements

1. Describe your academic and professional experience in your intended area of emphasis, including employment, activities, honors, etc., but not coursework.
2. Briefly describe your involvement in church, ministry, and other leadership activities.
3. Describe how serving in a leadership role at Nyack College will help you achieve your educational and/or vocational goals.
4. Describe how your strengths will contribute to the overall spiritual environment of the Nyack College community.
5. Talk about someone who you consider to demonstrate leadership (at Nyack College, globally, historically). What were the attributes that made them a good leader and how do you want to emulate these leadership qualities in your role as a student leader? Essays should be 200-500 words.


Please email your resume to If you need additional assistance in preparing a professional resume, contact Andrea at Career Services. Her email is; or visit the Career Services website at
**In the Subject Portion of the email please include the your first and last name as well as your student ID number (i.e. John Smith Resume 123456)


Please have two individuals e-mail a letter of recommendation to  

  1. Individual who knows you within a spiritual context (name, title/position, e-mail)
  2. Employer/Supervisor of a service/work related position (name, title/position, e-mail)

Please include the following in your reference:

  1. How long have you known the applicant? In what capacity?
  2. Please comment on the applicant's maturity and emotional stability.
  3. What are the applicant's strengths? What are the applicant's weaknesses?
  4. How integrated is the applicant's faith with his/her life? How motivated by faith and religious values is this applicant? Please explain.
  5. Does the applicant show a level of leadership quality and character? Explain.

What else would you like us to know about the applicant as a potential Nyack College Campus Leader?

**In the Subject Portion of the email please include the applicants first and last name as well as their student ID number (i.e. John Smith Reference 123456)