Student Leadership Application

This application is for the following leadership positions: Resident Assistant, Student Government (any position), Student Activities, and Worship Leader. This is not the Application to be a Launch Leader.
Applications are to be submitted no later than Midnight on Friday, January 25. Please read all information on this application very carefully.

Personal Information

Applicant Name:
Current Year in School:
Primary Email Address:
Primary Phone Number:
Campus Box #:
Cumulative GPA:
Most Recent Semester GPA:
Numbers of Semesters You've
Lived On Campus:

1. Have you ever been on academic or disciplinary probation while in college?

If yes, please explain the circumstances of your probation:
2. Have you previously served in a student leadership position at Nyack College or a previous college?

If yes, In what capacity/position did you serve? Please include the dates of service:
3. The Student Development Staff of Nyack College desire to have you serve in the area that will be the best fit for your strengths and abilities, as well as provide you with an opportunity to grow in your leadership abilities as you serve the Nyack Community.
Please rank your desire to serve in the following areas:
1=Great Desire (Top choice)   2=Moderate Desire (I would consider it)
3=No Real Desire (But call me if you need help)   4=No Desire (at all)
Position: Resident Assistant
Moseley (Males Only)
Jaffray/Dunbar (Males Only)
Christie (Females Only)
Simpson (Females Only)
Position: Spiritual Formation
Worship Leader
Barnabus Prayer Leader
Intercessory Prayer Leader
Nyack NOW Leader
Position: Student Activities
Student Activities Board Member
4. What is your MBTI? If you already know your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator please select it below, otherwise please complete this inventory first then select your MBTI.
Your MBTI:

General Questions

1. While we do not expect that this singular leadership role will be your only commitment throughout the academic year, if you accept a leadership position, we do expect that you will schedule your other activities around the requirements of your specific position. This leadership position should be your priority. Example: Resident Assistant weekly meetings take place on Monday nights at 9:00 PM, so you cannot schedule to be in work or any other function at this time. (Student Development does its best to accommodate the schedules of student athletes.) Please list any other leadership positions, internships, jobs, church involvement, NCAA responsibilities, studying, community service, and so on that will affect the amount of time you can give to the student leadership position you are applying for.
2A. Please list the academic and co-curricular activities that you have been involved in during high school and college. Please include leadership positions, membership in clubs/organizations, work experience, church involvement, service learning experience, travel opportunities, volunteer work, summer employment, ect. Include dates of service!
High School:
2B. How do you believe these experiences have equipped you to be a student leader on the Nyack Campus?

Short Answer Questions

Please answer the following questions with no more than 200 words per question.
1. What is your understanding of the expectations for the leadership position for which you are applying?
2. Why are you applying for this opportunity at this time?
3A. Identify two of your strengths (gifts) and two of your growth areas.
3B. How might these impact you in the position you are applying for?
4. Talk about a time your character was tested and how you handled that test.
5. What personality types are difficult for you to work with? Give an example of a time you took initiative in handling a difficult relationship.

Worship Leader Questions (Only)

1. Please describe your DEFINITION of and the PURPOSE of Corporate Worship. (In 2 sentences or less)
2. Have you ever led worship in a setting for more than 500 people? If so, please describe that experience.
3. If necessary, are you willing to adjust your personal worship leading style and personal choice of music in order to accommodate the diverse community that is Nyack College? If no, please explain.


To be accepted into one of these positions you absolutely must agree to the requirements listed alongside the role description. Please indicate that you have read the role description and your agreement with it by checking the box below:
   YES, I have read the role description and agree with it.