Student Development Staff


Vanesa Alcantara

Adminstrative Asst. to Assoc.Dean of Students
B.A. Nyack College

Tiffany Austin

Director of Career Counseling
Phone: 4581
B.S. State University of New York; M.A. Teachers College/Columbia University

Heather Butcher

Residence Director of Christie Hall
Phone: 4610
B.S. Nyack College

Heather Garcia

Administrative Assistant for Spiritual Formation
Phone: 4455
A.A. Arizona Western College; B.A. Nyack College

Jacqueline Lopez

Coordinator of Student Health Services
Phone: 4576

Amisadai Martinez

Resident Director for Simpson Hall, Bethany Hall, Harmony Hall
Phone: 4573
B.S. Nyack College; M.S. Nyack College

Drusila Nieves

Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 4564
B.A. Brooklyn College; M.S.W. Fordham University

Sarah Samson

Coordinator for Student Activities
Phone: 4788
B.S. SUNY Fredonia; M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary

Louis Sanchez

Residence Director of Moseley Hall
Phone: 4571
B.A. Nyack College

Wanda Velez

Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 4573
B.A. Nyack College; M.P.S. Alliance Theological Seminary

Dr. Wanda Walborn

Director/Spiritual Formation
Phone: 4457
B.A. Nyack College; M.A. Alliance Theological Seminary

Part-Time Staff

Siobhan Seaman - Worship Ministries Coordinator  (OSF)
Pedro Reis - PAVE Mentoring Coordinator  (OSF)
Emmanuel Jean-Pierre - Creative Arts Coordinator  (OSF)
Paul Shen - Small Groups Intern  (OSF)
Marco Pazmino – Moseley Hall Area Coordinator (Res. Life)
Waldy Rodriguez – Moseley Hall Area Coordinator (Res. Life)
Selene Gonzalez – Christie Hall Area Coordinator (Res. Life)
​Madelyn Badillo – Simpson Hall Area Coordinator (Res. Life)
Felicita Ruiz- Simpson Hall Area Coordinator (Res. Life)