Admission to the Social Work Major

Admission Requirements

The Social Work Major is open to qualified students who have liberal arts backgrounds and who are committed to developing professional social work knowledge, values and skills.

A student electing the Social Work Major must qualify for regular admission to the College. However, admission to Nyack College does not guarantee admission to the Social Work major.

Criteria for admission to the Social Work Major are:

1. Academic achievement that includes:

a) Completion of a substantial portion (approximately 50 credit hours) of the        Nyack College core curriculum and most prerequisites.

b) A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

2. Submission of departmental application

3. Emotional stability to deal with emotional stress in himself/herself as well as in others.

4. Intellectual capacity to think conceptually and analytically.

5. Physical health and vigor that provide energy to handle a rigorous academic schedule and field practicum.

Application Materials & Deadlines

Students should apply in their sophomore year during the spring semester. The deadline to submit applications is the first Monday in March.  There is no admission to the Social Work major during the Fall semester.

Application Materials:

Please submit applications to:

Percelene MCLain (NYC Campus)                             Dr. Carol Awasu (Rockland Campus)
2 Washington Street, 20th fl., Rm. 2022                     1 South Boulevard
New York, NY 10004                                                 Betty Knopp Bldg. – Rm. 1A
                                                                              Nyack, NY 10960-3698                 

Application Decision and Notifications

The applicant’s file will be reviewed by a designated Social Work faculty member. The faculty member may request additional information or/and an interview with the student for more information. The applicant will be notified by the Social Work Department of the faculty’s decision in writingby May 1st