Nyack College School of Music is proud to use an innovative method of course delivery through the use of technology titled, iSucceed@Nyack.  iPads and other electronic devices are becoming a part of the learning experience in elementary and secondary schools as well as at the college level. Handheld tablets and similar devices are a part of the working environment in almost every job and vocation today. Success in the future will be largely dependent on one’s ability to use these devices and find innovative ways to implement them in their work. 

As we prepare students to enter the workforce, it is our desire that School of Music graduates be the best possible candidates in their vocations, prepared in the use of current technology, and prepared to embrace the future influences and developments in technology.

iSucceed@Nyack has three goals:
  • To make our course delivery system the best it can be
  • To prepare our students in the use of technology as a method of teaching and learning
  • To reduce the cost of the college experience

To achieve these goals, all our music faculty and music students use iPads both in the classrooms as well as in lessons, rehearsals, and even performances!  We have improved the quality of learning at Nyack College School of Music through the use of iPads and interactive electronic textbooks that are less expensive.

All incoming students are given the option to use their own iPad or purchase an iPad that meets the minimum requirements of 32GB or greater and 9.7” or larger.  A third option is to purchase a new iPad through the college.  Music textbooks, ensemble and private lesson music, and most communication are loaded on the iPads, observing all copyright laws and legal restrictions. Students will take their iPad to most ensemble rehearsals and never need to worry about having a physical copy of their music.

Our students utilize supplementary paid apps, which are offered to them as a bundle for a discounted cost:  

Quotes from our Professors:
  • I love that I can use my iPad to send links and airdrop videos, pictures, and information that makes learning much more enjoyable and helpful.”
  • “We are able to have all of our music in one place. Most students lose their music when it's printed, so having it on the iPad, easily accessible, actually helps with the students' accountability to remain responsible.”
Quotes from our Students:
  • “I enjoy carrying all my music repertoire on my iPad everywhere I go. Whether I am in school, at home, or traveling, I can study and mentally practice my music. I enjoy not having to carry papers around for music and fearing to forget to pack music for a certain class. The iPad has made my life easier and my musical experience more enjoyable.”
  • “As a music student, the best feature on the iPad is the camera/video access where I can record lessons, rehearsals, recitals, etc. This feature allows me to play back any of these events as needed.”