Deeper Life Student Testimony: Courtney Peay


About a week before Deeper Life, I was feeling really disconnected.  I was a little angry, depressed and flustered because I had lost my ID.  Though it may seem like a small thing, God used it for a greater purpose.  I didn’t know where I’d put my ID card and I was trying to retrace my steps.  I was attending the Deeper Life services, but I wasn’t really getting anything out of them. 

I was just sitting there in chapel on Wednesday morning of Deeper Life when the speaker asked us to stand if we needed financial deliverance. I stood up and felt that I wasn’t only standing for myself but also for those who felt that they couldn’t stand or weren’t strong enough to do so.  I wasn’t just standing up for financial breakthrough, but I was also standing up for many different burdens I was carrying.  I couldn’t even really pay attention to what he was speaking about because God started showing me His glory.  There was no music playing but I heard the angels singing, “Holy, Holy is the Lamb” and I broke down in tears.

After chapel was over my spiritual brother Alonzo came up to me and asked, “Do you want to go get a new ID?”  When you don’t have your ID at Nyack you can’t eat, or get credit for stuff like chapel.  It was as if for those four days that I didn’t have an ID, I was starving.  I wanted to eat but I had to resort to other places to eat.  We went up to get my ID and Alonzo said, “This is prophetic” and I looked at him and said, “I’m getting a new identification, a new identity.” He looked at me and said, “Your slate is clean.  It’s brand new.”  And I cried some more.

When I thought about my old ID I remembered that the picture of my face was so distorted that you couldn’t even tell who I was and the place where the name Nyack was had rubbed off. Not only was I starving for four days, it was like I didn’t exist.   I didn’t have a face and I didn’t even belong at Nyack.  God gave me a new feeling.  He put an emotional blanket over me to walk in His excellence and know that He has set me apart and that I’m very different from the world.  I realized this was not just for me, but He used me to symbolize the student body of Nyack.  We are all getting new identities so that we’ll no longer be conformed to this world.