Small Group Ministries


An essential part of Spiritual Formation on campus comes through student-led small groups.  Each semester there are ten to twelve small groups that vary in size from eight to forty students, which meet on different nights of the week.  

While each group meeting consists of sharing, encouragement and prayer, the content of their Bible study can vary from using media, to focusing on specific books, or discussing relevant hot button issues for Christians. An asset to these small groups is that an overseer mentors the leaders.  

Attendance is optional, but chapel credit can be earned by attending a small group.

For more information on small groups, click here.  You can also check the Spiritual Formation bulletin board on the first floor of Boon Student Center!

Paul Shen served God in various lay ministry roles as youth director, deacon and trustee, until July of 2014 when God called him to serve full time as Youth Pastor at the Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey.  So last September, after a 30-year management career in retail banking, Paul enrolled at Alliance Theological Seminary to earn his Master of Divinity degree.  Paul is passionate about working with and supporting youths and young adults.  Paul and his wife Jeannie have three children: Amanda who is a sophomore at Ithaca College; Charissa who graduated recently from Princeton University; and Jon who is a 2012 graduate of the University of Illinois.  If you wish to speak with Paul about being a small group leader, you can contact him at

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